deltree in VB

Is there a way to simulate a DELTREE in VB.  Note that i'm using VB5 pro.
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Set strPath to the path you wish to delete.  For example,

strPath = "Q:\TreeToDelete"
Shell " /c DelTree " & strPath


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This is a good answer for Win311 and Win95, but probably won't work in WinNT.  WinNT does not support all DOS features.

public Sub DelTree(strDir As String)
    Dim strCurrent As String
    Dim strFile()  As String
    Dim intI       As Integer
    strCurrent = Dir(strDir & "*.*", vbDirectory)
    ReDim strFile(0 To 0) As String
    Do Until Len(strCurrent) = 0
        Select Case strCurrent
        Case ".", ".."
            'do nothing
        Case Else
            If GetAttr(strDir & strCurrent) And vbDirectory Then
                ReDim Preserve strFile(0 To UBound(strFile) + 1) As String
                strFile(UBound(strFile)) = strDir & strCurrent & "\"
                If GetAttr(strDir & strCurrent) And vbReadOnly Then
                    SetAttr strDir & strCurrent, vbNormal
                End If
                Kill strDir & strCurrent
            End If
        End Select
        strCurrent = Dir()
    For intI = 1 To UBound(strFile)
        DelTree strFile(intI)
    Next intI
    'kill dir
    RmDir strDir
End Sub

elecmanAuthor Commented:
Use deltree in dos mode is too easy. I would like a true fonction in Visual Basic
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Sorry elecman, there is no native function in VB equivalent to the DelTree.  Anthonyc provided you with a function that would basically do the same thing and I would have also had I understood what you wanted.

You can comment without grading - which will usually get you exactly what you want... or you can reject an answer and accept another instead when it is appropriate.

Mrmick gave a good answer, and gave code.  It works (not sure if it will in NT, it may, probably not on WinNT Server though).  I provided you with VB code.  It's slower, since it is not native, but it gets the job done.  You gave MrMick credit, which is fine.  Ify ou use my function, I would hope you provide a question for me to provide an answer to to get points.  If you don't, its ok.  I cant read the comments to this question any longer, since it costs me points to do so
elecmanAuthor Commented:
I excuse for give 100 point to mrmick but is my first question.
But thnak for respond my answer
its ok that you gave him to mr mick.  He provided a good answer.

If you want to reward me........ do this... make a new question.  Give it 100 points, call it "Reward for AnthonyC"  I will answer the question, and you can give me the grade you think I deserve.

elecmanAuthor Commented:
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