Installing a Apple LaserWriter Pro for PC

Hello everybody. I'm trying to install an Apple LaserWriter Pro to a PC. The printer has a Centronics (parallel port) and I connected a standard printer cable from the PC parallel port to that port. I got the drivers from the Windows 95 CD. Everything seemed to go fine in the installation, BUT everytime I get a print-out, it gives me a 2-3 page errors AND it looks like those messages are in some kind of PostScript language. Now I know that the LaserWriter Pro is a PostScript printer, correct me if I'm wrong, but do I have to get special PostScript drivers also, or can their be settings I can tinker with ? Can I get drivers from Apple's site or do I have to go somewhere else ?

Thanx 4 the help.

Have a nice day.
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Have you tried this?: go to START --> Settings --> Printers, then right-click on the driver for your printer and select Properties. Go through each of the tabs and deselect anything that might be related to printing error reports.

Okay, here's more information:

Under the Capture Settings tab, click off Banner and Form feed after job under the Job section at the bottom.

(Here's the one that will do it, I think): Under PostScript, click off the option called Print PostScript error information.

Hope this helps.

rjoseAuthor Commented:
But the problem is I'm not getting the print-out that I requested, only the error messages. Sorry if I wasn't clear before.
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I need to find out when/where the postscript errors are starting...

Are you able to print anything out from this printer? Or will it only print out postscript code.
--Does it print 1-2 pages correctly, then start kicking out postscript code?
Is the first page that will print out postscript code.  If the first page that prints is postscript code, the first line on that page should read something like: @!PSAdobe

Will the printer sit there and process the job for a while, then kick out postscript code?  Kind of like it's giving up trying to process the job.

Does this only happen when printing from certain apps, or all apps?  --Try printing from wordpad.

What is the exact postscript driver you are using?  and is the LaserWriter PRO the exact model of your printer?

Postscript Language is Postcript language, with one exception.  There is standard postscript, then postscript level 2.
Aside from that, any PS driver will (should) work with any PS printer.

It sounds alot like you are having a printer TimeOut problem, but timeout's can be caused in several areas in the handling of the print job.  The first thing you want to try would be to increase the timeout settings (Not Selected, and Transmission retry) inside the Win95 driver to 999.  That *May* resolve the problem itself, but let's see.

Just to be sure, is the postscript code that is printing straight postscript code, or are there any erroneous ascii carachters getting printed such as hearts, bullets, smiley faces, etc.  If any of these codes are appearing this means a problem with device communication and not a timeout.

Let me know...

rjoseAuthor Commented:
I can't print out anything, except the PostScript error messages. It does take it's time to print anything at all. I have to check one more time, but I don't see any other ASCII characters in the printout. I'll see if I can get another printer driver from Apple or anywhere else. I'll also take your suggestion to increase the TimeOut settings.
Don't bother with any new printer drivers, they haven't changed in years...

If it is taking a while with processing then kicks out the page, then I would say it is most definately a timeout problem.

I just need to know if the first page contains the @!PSAdobe or if it is starting print on later pages.

OKAY, aside from the windows timeout settings, we need to send a text file to the printer to reset the internal timeout settings.
Type this file in notepad EXACTLY as it appears below:
--Copy the text between the equal signs--

serverdict begin 0 exitserver
statusdict begin
0 60 0 setdefaulttimeouts

Save this file as c:\timeout.txt

Exit out of windows to a dos prompt.
From the root directory [c:\>] type the following:
copy timeout.txt lpt1
The system should come right back to the dos prompt after displaying "one file copied".
The printer light should blink once or twice, then return to normal status.

Problem Solved-
---Return to windows and have fun.


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rjoseAuthor Commented:
Thanx a lot.

Have a nice day.

Do you know which setting it was that solved it?

Did you need to use the postscript code to reset the time outs?

If so, that setting will remain with the printer forever.
This is not a bad thing though, definately good.
Just means that it will never happen again.

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