What I need real bad is a message opposite to wm_initmenupopup. Like
when popup menu (any submenu) is being closed. Is there any undocumented???
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Hi _art_,

WM_MENUSELECT is the one you need.


If the fuFlags parameter contains 0xFFFF and the hmenu parameter contains NULL, Windows has closed the menu because the user pressed the ESC key or clicked outside

You can find the whole discription in delphi help.

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_art_Author Commented:
How to check it??????????????????????? 0xFFFF????????????????

I believe you can check fuflags = $FFFF or what do you need to know?
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_art_Author Commented:
Well I fixed my problem. Was it hard!!! :-) The method you've
suggested didn't help me because it works fine only for popup
menu itself but not for submenus of any menu item (what I have been having problems with). And as you know WM_INITMENUPOPUP
occurs in both cases...
Thanks anyway!

I'm sorry about that the solution I gave you wasn't correct. But, glad the problem is solved. How did you solve it then? May I ask whay you need these messages?
_art_Author Commented:
I'll write you about that in a few days. Very busy right now...
So far you can check out my homepage at

I'll release (likely tomorrow) new version of CoolMenus with possibility to play AVI clips within the menu items! It is very hot.
Details on the WWW address I gave you above.


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