Boot from networkcard

I have a 486sx25 without harddrive. Can I boot from my networkcard? And how do I set this up to work? What do I have to setup on my other machine???
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unicorntechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you have to do is setup the network card with the boot rom. As this is documented by the network manufacturer I will leave that to you. Then on the NFS server (your other machine) you have to copy from the cd or the net or wherever you have the source code for linux. Once you have this on a dir on the other machine you install from your boot disks as normal and it will step you through the process for a NFS install.

BTW - you will have to have the other machine tcp/ip networked with an ip address and subnet mask as the NFS installation will ask you for these. Hope this helps.

Hi Pucko

there are several answers to your questions.
First the LAN-Card. Many LAN-Cards have an empty ROM socket
where you can place a boot ROM. Those ROM's are sold by the lancard-vendors.
You must setup the Boot-Rom-Option according to your LAN-Card's manual.
Read the "diskless" mimi-howto for further information.  
the "netboot-nfs" package is also a good source.
Regards Michael

puckoAuthor Commented:
My network card is a digital DE200
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Hi pucko

The procedure for all NICs is the same.

puckoAuthor Commented:
Is this a answer to:
>>And how do I set this up to work?
>>What do I have to setup on my other machine???
puckoAuthor Commented:
I just don't want to do a NFS install. I w ant to run the computer without any disk..... :o) I have 2 8GB disks in my other machine :o) Those are to large so My 486  bios can't see the whole disk if I move one tisk to it....
Hi Pucko

First: If you want to know how to setup a Digital DE200 NIC you should post it as a question.

Second: There is no dip-switch or other simple Methode to boot remote from a NIC. You have to study the HOWTO's and i'm not willing to type in these manuals at experts-exchange.

Third:You must setup NFS (NCP or SMB may also work) to offer
your large disk to other stations on the network including those stations that should boot from this disk. (it is no question of your wishes)

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