video decompressor

I am trying to download a long video file (from
homepage of Picabo Street, newly famed for Olympic
gold) which reputedly is a .avi file. I have a viewer
(VuePrint) which handles straight .avi files OK.
However at the end of this download I get a message:
"Video not available  cannot find 'vids:IV32' decompressor".
Please advise what I need to do to display this file.
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magigrafConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Please read the following:


When you attempt to play an .avi file in Windows 95, an error message similar to the following may be displayed in the playback window, with diagonal lines in the background:

   Video not available, cannot find 'vids:cvid' decompressor.

The exact text of the error message may vary, depending on the type of compression that was used to compress the file. In particular, the "cvid" portion of the error message may be replaced by "rt21" or "msvc."


Video compression is not installed in Windows 95.


Install video compression by following these steps:

1.In Control Panel, double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

2.Click the Windows Setup tab.

3.Click Multimedia, and then click Details.

4.Click the Video Compression check box to select it, and then click OK.

5.Click OK.

NOTE: If the .avi file you want to play was not compressed with compression software that is compatible with the compression software included with Windows 95, the resolution described above may not resolve the problem. To play an .avi file that was compressed with third-party compression software, contact the manufacturer of the compression software to obtain the codec necessary to decompress the file.

Hope this has helped
fjahodaAuthor Commented:
OK, I did now install video decompression from the
Windows95 CD-ROM (Iccvid.dll). Again I tried to download
the 2.6MB file and, after a suitably long wait for such
a big file (well over an hour with 28.8k modem) I ended
up with a 32kb **.avi file that looks like perhaps 2
frames of the correct video.

I suppose we may be down to your note: the need to contact
the manufacturer of third-party compression software, but
I have no clue how to do this.

More detail that may shed some light whether this analysis
is correct:

Generally the progress of downloads is monitored in a
box that gives the name of the file and my choice of
destination on my hard disk. In this case there was only
a %tracker immediately above the task bar, and the 32kb
end result file was named mu086m83.avi (nothing like the
original) and ended up in the Program Files directory.

The source URL is
This is currently very clogged up following Picabu's Olympic
triumph, and by it's nature would be unlikely to furnish
technical data re its compression software.

Any further suggestions?

What's the brand of your video card??
Are you downloading the file or trying to view it while on the net??

I'm actually logged in to Sierra, but can't find that file.
I'll dig more.

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fjahodaAuthor Commented:

The video card is  Creative Lab W/IDE  CD012
I want to download the file.
From a doble-click
on the picture to left of "Picabo gives tips on the Giant
  Slalom(2.9MB)"leads to a screen that says Download 'ski_1.avi'
  and starts the download automatically after a few seconds
  without further mouse-clicks.

O.k.  I downloaded the files in 11 minutes, and have been able to watch it on my system without any problem.

Could you please go to Creative Site to make sure you have the updated video driver for your card:

I still insist that this is as posted in the first begining a Multimedia/video compression problem.

After making sure that you got the latest driver for your card, do the exact steps as in the proposed answer, but this time UNCHECK the box to DEINSTALL them.
Restart windows, then repeat the steps but this time CHECK the box to install.

It should work now.
fjahodaAuthor Commented:
Some clarification, please.
1. Which file should I download from Creative?
   The first item Windows95-Graphics Blaster Exxtreme
               gbexw95.exe (1.2 MB)
    or one of the items lower down on the page?
2. What do I do first with the downloaded file so that it
   becomes an update using the unchecked box de-install,
   checked box install procedure using my CD-ROM?  

Let's focus first on that WIN95 Video compressor first.

So have your Win95 CD ready and UNINSTALL the video part as mentioned above. (by unchecking the box)
Restart the system.
Reinstall the mutlimedia video compressor. (by checking the box this time)

Let me know how did it do.
Then I will try another corrective install, as I have a feeling that something is missing in your windows 95 installation more than it is a video card problem.

if you need more clarification, let me know don't worry.
fjahodaAuthor Commented:

Hello magigraf!

This time everything is working OK! That 2.9MB downloaded
in about 20 minutes, and displays just fine. I don't
know any longer but I now assume that perhaps I didn't
shut down Windows after the first decompressor installation.
Better put it on the list, and all in caps, for the next tyro.

Anyway I'm signing off, and thanks very much for
your prompt and attentive help!

I'm glad to hear that. I was positive in the way I wanted you to follow the UNINSTALL then the REINSTALL.

Now it's working and everything is in place.
Take care, and if you need further help, don't hesitate to ask.

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