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Here is what I need I have a string say "This is a test string".  I need this string to scroll in the status bar of the browser.  The following is a list of criteria that I must meet while making this work:

1) The text must scroll in the status bar
2) The code must be in VBScript
3) The code must work on at least IE3.0, preferable work on both IE3.0 and Netscape 3.0

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bass5763Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a script that will do what you want:


var marquee            = 0;
var marqueeText     = "This is a test string";
var marqueeDelay   = 75;

var i = 0;
while (i ++ < 150)
    marqueeText = " " + marqueeText;

function Marquee()
    window.status = marqueeText.substring(marquee++,
    if (marquee == marqueeText.length)
        marquee = 0;
    setTimeout("Marquee()", marqueeDelay);


Tell me if it's what you wanted.

Matt Calhoun
Curious, why does it have to be in VBScript, because of IE 3.x or other constraints?
As far as I can remember NS doesn't support VBscript (But I could be wrong). And why does it have to be in VBscript? Surely the result is what's desired, and not the means to get it. And also there is no problem mixing Scripting Languages within a page.
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JagarAuthor Commented:
Alright lets see it in Java, but I never used Java (YET), so it will have to fully written out.
And as far as mixing scripting languages I read it that you couldn't do it somewhere, but if you say you can then I'll try it.
i know bass5763's stuff is not in VBscript like you asked, but it's sure the onyl way I know of to do it...
JagarAuthor Commented:
This works great.  Thank you for all your help.
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