HP LaserJet 3si "55 SERVICE"

I installed the HP LaserJet 3si Maintenance Kit.  Turning
the printer back on, the message displayed is "55 SERVICE".
Pressing menu will not change the screen...help
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This is one of the more serious error messages you can recieve on the HP LaserJet Series of printers.

55 ERROR &

On HP LaserJet printers, definition:
Indicates a communications problem between the DC Controller PCA and the Formatter PCA.  Pressing CONTINUE clears the error and resumes printing.

Perform the Test Print operation to verify DC Controller functionality.  If the message persists, check for any cable damage, loose cables, and check the DC voltages, or replace the DC Controller.

Hope this helps, :o)

krasAuthor Commented:
Attempted solution provided by Joel, "pressing continue" does not work.  None of the control buttons respond.  Request more expert suggestions.

I have gone through all the HP printer BOOK here, and realized that if I answer your with that CONTINUE which is what the book suggest to do, it wouldn't help much.
I had a feeling that you pressed all the buttons when this error has occured.

I have also wen to HP site trying to locate an answer for you, but failed to find a document that describe these errors.

ALL what I found was a useless desciption of what the Maintenance Kit is all about.

What I suggest you to do here is to call HP tech support, you would have a MUCH greater chance to receive a decent answer from them than here. (that in my opinion is fair answer)

I will block the question intentionaly.
You could reject my answer if found inapropriate to reopen the question or e-mail customer service to remove it.



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I own Corporate Computer Solutions, Inc., and we are an authorized HP Service Center.  We service these printers on a daily basis.

The text that I quoted to you for your answer came directly from the Troubleshooting and Repair manual for HP LaserJet Series II, through HP LaserJet 6 printers.

If continue does not work, then there is a problem with the DC controller, or the wires connecting the DC Controller to the formatter board.

Allow me to repeat the last sentence of the second paragraph:
-If the message persists, check for any cable damage, loose cables, and check the DC voltages, or replace the DC Controller.-

That is your answer.

--Now, by cables it is referring to the wires connecting to the internal DC Controller to the formatter board in the printer.  I would generally not recommend that this be left up to a qualified service technician.

HP Technical support will give you the same exact answer I have given you here, because as one of their service centers I have access to the same information they do.
In addition, I would not have posted my solution as an answer if I truly did not believe it was the correct one.

I know that this is probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but it is the correct answer.  HP Error messages are very accurate, I have never had an instance where the actual problem was different from what the printer said.

I would estimate the repair charges to be $250 - $300 if the DC Controller needs replacing, and $100 - $150 if it is just a loose or broken wire.

This estimate is what it would cost for us to repair it, the service rates could be higher or lower depending on where you are from. (We are located in Pleasant Grove, Utah)


When Refering kras to HP tech support, the last I expected is you to come forward and notify us that you're an HP authorized Service center. (It's good to know)

As I said in my comments (you did the same), I went through the HP printers manuals which all suggested to hit continue.  But I presumed that he must have tried all buttons from his frustration, and it didn't solve the problem.


I don't know if you live in the same area as Joel to send him the printer for repairs, but I would still suggest that you call HP tech support to find out what is the best method to proceed for a repair.

Please reject magigraf's answer(no disrespect, magigraf).

Contacting HP tech support will be a waste of time, your printer is in need of professional service.  I you do not feel you are capable of getting into your printer and checking the condition of the leads connecting the DC Controller.  If you do not know what a DC Controller looks like, contact an HP authorized service center in your area.

Finding one is fairly simple, just look in your yellow pages and call.  A qualified service center will be able to tell you the same thing I have stated here, because they will have access to the same repair manuals I have that are available from HP for Authorized Service Centers ONLY.


Not at all, do not mind if he rejects my answer.  What I wanted to point by calling Hp Tech support was for the following reasons:

1) To determine if the problem is under warranty or not.
2) To inquire about sending the printer to HP themselves or to an authorised dealer like yourself.

I don't know about others, but we do the things by the book.
We call first to take an approval, then send it in for repair.

This was my intention.
krasAuthor Commented:
Thanks to Magigraf and JR...
You're welcome
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