Text Based Java DataBase Server

I would like to have simple text based database server for
If any of u have the same or know the site from where i can
download please inform

please email shriya@hotmail.com
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If you use JBuilder there's an integrated plain text table component. It operates by reading the complete file into memory, where you can operate on it.
There's also support for writing the table back to the file if neccessary.
shriyaAuthor Commented:
Let me know if you find it - it sound's interesting !

Maybe are you talking about one of my previous answer Shriya. Someone was asking how to write a JDBC driver and I pointed him to this review:

One of the books explains the development of tinySQL, a lightweight SQL engine, including a JDBC driver, written in Java.
Info. on tinySQL is here (including source code):


For a simple application, or for learning JDBC for example, it should be perfect. As it includes source code, you can also customise it if you need...
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thanks fontaine.
  i also found about tinysql
  Also instantDB is java base database
more info is available on http://www.davecentral.com
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