how to restore all?

how do i get the windowstate of my MDI Child forms
and restore them to their previous windowstates?
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Use the same code like in your question "How to close all?", just with this adjustment :

procedure TMainForm.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var I: byte;
if MDIChildCount>0 then
  for I := MDIChildCount-1 downto 0 do
  // here we go
  ShowWindow(MDIChildren[I].Handle, SW_RESTORE);


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Your question appears two times (bad network connection while Submit pressed, I guess :-)), you should delete the second one.
superboyAuthor Commented:
the code
u gave me i replace the part to
with MainForm do  (without the MDIChildCount >0)
for I := 0 to MDIChildCount-1 do ... etc
and it work but it appears to have some problem with my tile
function...when i tile it and do a restore all , my application crashed...
superboyAuthor Commented:
does LockWindowUpdate(Handle); make a app hang sometimes?
Have you locked with MainForm.Handle or just the local scope Handle property ?
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