playing ipx games over tcp/ip

does anyone know of a program that will allow 2 people to connect over the internet to play an ipx game other than kali, kahn, ect.  Using a modem to modem connection is not an option since the other person is long distance. I've seen this question before (not just at this site), and i've surfed high and low for a solution. If you have a unix account you can use IHHD.  Mac users can us IPRemote. Or you have to get a LAN account.  Yet, there is no way i have found that two poeple can make a PERSONAL connection using TCP/IP if they know each others IP adress, to play an IPX game.  Or is there something i missed?  If there is no such program out there, may i suggest someone create one?  I would bet theres money to be made in doing so.  I'd pay!!  
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>Yet, there is no way i have found that two poeple can make a PERSONAL connection using TCP/IP if they know each others IP adress, to play an IPX game. Or is there something i missed? If there is no such program out there, may i suggest someone create one?

that is exactly what kali does.

Strick9Author Commented:
Yes, I know Kali does this, but kali is based on the principle that you are searching for other players to play with.  I don't need to find competetors, I just want to connect the 2 comps together. I've used kali and i don't want to have to deal with punks in the chat room and ask people to leave my game so that me and my friend can have a personal game. Understand?
if the other person already knows your ip, you can run kali in server mode. then they can connect directly to you.

i only used this once but it seemed to work fine.

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Strick9Author Commented:
hmmm....really? I never saw this option.  I never saw it in the instructions or at the kali FAQ.  If its true, THANKS ALOT musashi
There's a program called Katalyst that uses
but i think that you need your own server to play IPX games threw TCP/IP
This may be outdated if you got Kali Server mode working for you (and it works for more games than this will), but I found an old program called TCPSET which was designed as a wrapper for the original DOOM/Heretic/Hexen games in IPX mode to work directly from TCP/IP.  As I have absolutely no idea where the program originates or where to find it in normal circumstances, I can only offer to send to you a copy of the latest version that I have (9b) or put it up some place where you can find it.  I'm afraid I have no way to get the source code, but you might be able to hack it to function with other games.


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Strick9Author Commented:
thanks for the offer, but im not much of a hacker.  If the original works that would be cool, but considering the age of DOOM and heretic, the more recent games made aren't likely to work.  I haven't tried Kali yet either.  I still have to find a crack for it...LOL.  Your answer is the closest i've come to finding what i was looking for though.  It still blows me away that no one has made a program that directly solves this problem.  I would think they could sell it to the game manufacturers as an  add on.
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