Problems with Applet on Netscape and RMI

How can I make a RMI-Applet (SUN-JAVA) runnable with the Netscape Browser. I get the an Error in the Java-Console, that my applet is not allowed to make Network connections.
How can I overcome the sandbox-restrictions? Please detailed
description (step by step) what I have to do.

Regards Ian

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Which version of Netscape, and if its Communicator 4, have you downloaded and installed the Java patch?
e4monschAuthor Commented:
Netscape Version 4.0. Java Patch, never heard of that

The distributon version of Netscape 4 contains an incomplete JDK 1.1, this situation was corrected with a path that you can get from the updates section of the Netscape pages.

Go to Communicator, Select Help, Software Updates and select the  Continue button

Select JDK 1.1 for 4.04 and dowload it.

This should correct your problem. Let me know if it doesn't.
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e4monschAuthor Commented:
Sri, but I can't find it. The have changed the whole Web-Site.
Please full URL.

Regards Ian

e4monschAuthor Commented:
By the way: The RMI-Stuff didn't work on Netscape 4.03 either.

e4monschAuthor Commented:
I found it, but do your really think this patch solves the problem? In the release notes there is nothing mentioned about any problems with RMI.

I think my problem has to do with the object signing things.
Question: Do I really have to sign my java-classes to gain
access to the sensitive system resources like network and file access?

Regards Ian

Several Java components, including RMI were not incorporated into Netscape untill the patch. If you don't have the patch installed you won't be able to use RMI. BTW, You can't use RMI at all in releases prior to 4.03. The patch applies to 4.03 or 4.04.

Re. signing, You should have no problems makeing TCP/IP or UDP network connections regardless of signing. Accesing the local file system or LAN (outside of TCP/IP/UDP) will ccertanly require either signing of the .class/jar files or preinstalling them inside a directory in your CLASSPATH (preferably the same directory as the JAVA.EXE program) to bypass the sandbox.
e4monschAuthor Commented:
Another question: Since which Netscape version is the Visigenic (VisiBroker) stuff included?

And what about the Microsoft-stuff? Is it possible to use
RMI or do I need to install the Sun Java Activator.

Regards Ian

netscpe 4 has only visigenic 2.5 if i'm not wrong.

Install the patch from netscape, if you annot find it, you should go to the download site and look for the patch for jdk1.1 . It's a javascript that will install the thing for you.

if you still have problems running after installing the patch, try doing this:
look for the file prefs.xx under your netscape directory.
add the following lines at the top, make sure you close all netscape seesion before you save this file.
put the following line inside :
user_pref("signed.applets.codebase_principal_support", true);
user_pref("signed.applets.local_classes_have_30_powers", true);
user_pref("signed.applets.low_security_for_local_classes", true);

see if this works.

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e4monschAuthor Commented:
Well, the RMI-Stuff works well without the patch, but with
the 3 above lines.

I cannot tell my  customers to make this hack. How do I make the thing water proof, with signing objects etc. Can you tell me how object signing works? Which tools do I need? (The Netscape certificate stuff seems not to be compatible with the Javakey

Regards Ian

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