IBM PS/1 Model 2168-38C Bios Upgrade

Posted on 1998-02-15
Last Modified: 2010-04-12
I have an old IBM PS/1 486-50 that I just bought some memory and a new harddrive for, the memory went in fine but I can't find the harddrive in the bios, it only gives me the option of "Installed" and "Not Installed" unfortunatly "Installed" doesn't allow it to be seen....  I'm running windows 95 on the PC and currantly have 32 megs of ram on it...  I'm not sure if you need more info or not.  What I'm wondering is if I can upgrade the bios with a patch or something so that I can get the harddrive in it... Its a 2.5 gig Western Digital drive model:ac22500-32la
Question by:lawlerm
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Two things, make sure it's in LBA mode in the bios.  i think it's if it's bigger than 500MB.

also, you DEFINENTLY Shouldn't run win95 with ANYTHING less than a 486 66, but most reccomend a pentium 90.  that could also cause problems, regardless of how much memory you have.

let me know if this helps,

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Just remembered, the fact the the motherboard is an old 486 could also cause it to not detect or "see" it.
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Most hard drives that you buy in retail packaging come with a product called DiskManager (or similar) that allows you to setup the drive at one of the settings listed in your older BIOS and then will dynamically set the correct parameters as the system boots.  If it didn't come with it, DiskManager is available from Ontrack.  Another possibility is a BIOS upgrade.  You might check with Unicore ( about your model.
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jhance has a good answer, and regardless wether it works or not, for you own sake get a faster processor!  if it's not the cause of this problem, it's the cause of many other problems you'll have.  you MUST have a 486 66 AT LEAST to run win95, ind even with that you'd better bring a magazine with you!  :-)

32MB of memory is fine, and a 2.5 gig HD is pretty good also, but to avoid problems in the future, you really oughta get a faster processor.  to upgrade form a 486 to a pentium, you will probably need a new Motherboard also.  if you shop around, you should be able to bet a new Motehrboard for around 89$  and a pentium 200 for around 350$(very good) or less!  go to a local no-name place that orders bulk and builds they're own computers, or order over the 'net(a great place to find deals).  the price of processors has recently plummeted and is going down day - by - day since the release of the pentium II 300 & pent. II 333
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What are you talking about.  Win95 will run on any processor down to a 386SX.  The only processor requirement is that it support protected mode.  Any Intel processor past the 286 fits this bill.  Granted, running on a slow processor can be frustrating, but there is no technical reason why it won't work.

BTW, Win95 doesn't run too badly on a 486/50.  Having enough RAM has more to do with performance than anything else.

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HMMMM... i admit i haven't had much experience with running win95 on slow processors(i do my dad's webpage for his work, and he keeps my computer up to the fastest resonably priced chip :-), however, i do believe that anything below a 486, and sometimes even 486'es, can cause major problems.
The first problem i'd notice on MY pent. MMX 233 if it magically turned into a 486 50, would be the huge dent obviously caused by a golf club the first time i tried to use an adobe photoshop filter....

anyway, if not your processor, also an old Mobo(mother board) could be the culprit, since it is a relitivly large HD for the time of 486 50's.


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