Faster modem...slower connections?

I had a Cardinal 28.8, which connected at 28.8 reliably.  The 3Com line test reported the possibility of 48.0 reliably over existing phone lines. Bought Cardinal Connecta 56K win modem... now typical connect speed is 21.6, with rare 33.6, 48.0, low 50's (very rare).  Have reconfigured everything, used MTUSpeed to open the ports, everything.  I also get bumped frequently now, which rarely happened before.  Any Help?  Modem too sensitive?  Any takers?  Yes I have a digital account, X2 ISP...
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j2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First of all.. Winmodems really DO suck.. they require a massive task from the CPU to get running.. and when they downstep/upstep.. they drain the CPU even more.. And your situation isnt unique, the x2 and k56flex requires crystal clear phonelines, the 28.8/33.6 modems uses a symmetrical modulation which has a much better chance of keeping a steady rate.

My dad for instance got an external x2 modem (USR Courier, not a 'crappy modem' to say the least) and he lives only 400 feet from the telephone exchange building, and he only gets abouve 48Kbit about 10% of the time...

I dont think you can do much more then to get better phonelines and a real modem :)
there are several possibilities, many of which you've probably already tried, and many you may not have considered.  here they all are:

1. check init string with manufacturer and make sure it's correct for ma speed and compatable with your ISp's modems.

2. check for general compatability with what your ISP uses...

3. you said you did a line test.... does it ALWAYS give those results, or were you lucky... what does the line test test, exactly, is it possible that there are other factors, like what your ISP uses to switch around the modem pool...

4. you have call waiting turned off if applicable, right?

5. where do you live.... does the area support those speeds in general?  contact your phone company, and ask.

if none of these help, let me know, but i thnk this should cover it....

I don't think the "HIGHER SPEEDS MORE SENSITIVE" thing is quite right, but it's possible that the 28.8 bps protocol is a little more "stable", or more compatable with your ISP's modems.

you sure tryed all of those suggestions fast!!!!

care to post why you rejected....
did none of this help???

do you have any additional info after trying those things, and pelase give the results of all of these things...
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holbrookAuthor Commented:
Had already been most of those places before seeking outside help...

Line test reports in the 40s everytime.  No call waiting.  I'm X2, ISP is X2, and if I keep babying it, I can get above 19.2, up into the 40s, low 50s.  The only thing is, with the 28.8, it was solid 28.8, everytime, with the same manufacturer's modem.  Also, per Computer Shopper, this Cardinal Connecta is essentially the 3Com (USRobotics) relabeled, which is what my ISP uses.  Except for the initialization string (which I thought the MTUSpeed program would address) I'm at a loss.  Any pointers toward an initialization string?
well, you can check their website for the init string or i will in a while maybe, but MTUSpeed dosen't touch the init string i think, i'm not sure....
holbrookAuthor Commented:
Have since reached same conclusion...Winmodem is back in box, and 28.8 reinstalled...
..altough.. the USR Sportster MessagePlus x2 makes a rather funky answering machine :)
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