Personal Login for Win95

Reloaded WIN95 with active IE4 desktop and can't get sys to ask for Login Name and Pword (during re-cycle). Have Dialup Adptr, TCP/IP and MS Client in Network area along with Identification tab being filled out. Yet wont create and require login name during boot. Have run User wizard in Contrl Panel and still no go. Help please!
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Look in your registry for:
"DefaultUserName"="your username"
Post results please


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Also, see:

The NoLogon=??
Go into the Control Panel and then the Network icon and see that you have Client for Microsoft Network.
Also, see
If Client for MS Networks is there, and you still can't save the
passwords, either you are not properly logging on to Windows (you MUST hit
enter, NOT cancel or Escape) or the password list is corrupt.  If the
latter, delete it.  It's stored as C:\Windows\<username>.pwl.
Tell me what happens.

What do you mean when you say, " can't get sys to ask for Login Name and Pword (during re-cycle)"

What do you mean by "recycle"

Explain exactly what you do during logon and what happens, it sounds like a simple configuration problem is all!
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This basic thing just occured to me,
make sure you click the 2nd radio button.
""User can customize thier settings.............."
trolfeAuthor Commented:
Suggestions for Regestry edit to vague. Not in the habit of making those edits and Bud's response (I believe) assumed I was. So edit suggestions were not followed. Suggest he spell out what it may be, what it should be, and what to change. Was not sure which of the 3 he was refering to.
trolfeAuthor Commented:
For DEW and Bud, Further explaination...
Have changed/tried all setings in network and passwords as the pertain to MS Client and Passwords (to no avail). To explain what is happening a little better...
Turn on PC and goes directly into WIN95 without asking for login name or password. Tried removing the .pwl file and that made no difference.
And you did do this,
"This basic thing just occured to me,
make sure you click the 2nd radio button.
""User can customize thier settings.............."
User profile settings, click both?
Create and Enable User Profile
To enable user profiles on a local computer after setup
1. In the Passwords option in Control Panel, click
the User Profiles tab.

2. Click to select the option named Users Can Customize
Their Preferences And Desktop Settings.

3. Click the options you want under User Profile Settings.
These options describe what should be included as part of
the user profile.
4. Shut down and restart the computer.

Tip If you include desktop icons in your user profile,
only the shortcuts (icons that represent links) will be
available when you log on to the network from another
computer. Actual files on your desktop are part of your
local user profile only.

To disable user profiles on a local computer

In the Passwords option in Control Panel, click the User
Profiles tab. Make sure the option named All Users Of
This PC Use The Same Preferences And Desktop Settings is

Note  If an application is installed after user profiles
are enabled with the option to include the Start menu and
Programs in the profile, only the user who was logged on
when the application was installed will have an entry for
that application on the Programs menu. Other users will
have to create shortcuts to the application on their
Programs menus.
trolfeAuthor Commented:
There are 3 directories of


in the registry. All large directories, ALL
DUPLICATES OF EACH OTHER. Is this a corruption/problem and how should I repair?

No, if you delete something from HKLM it will dissappear in the other hives.
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