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I need to know how to bring up the help dialog (using Application.HelpCommand) that shows the Contents tab. I know how to display the Index tab but not the Contents tab.

I have tried HELP_FINDER, HELP_CONTENTS, HELP_SETCONTENTS and they don;t seem to work well. The scenario below describes what I mean.

In Delphi's help menu, try clicking on the Contents command. Then click on the Index tab. Now close the help dialog and go to the Contents menu again. It will display the Index tab.

I am interested to know how the Contents page can be correctly displayed when it is selected from the help menu.

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ronit051397Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have checked, and as you said it works only for the contents.

keithcslAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
This is from
C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi 3\HELP\TOOLS\Hcw.hlp:


The following values may also be used, however, since they are not in windows.h, you must add them to your own header file:
#define HELP_FORCE_GID      0x000e
#define HELP_TAB                        0x000f

fuCommand      Action      dwData
HELP_FORCE_GID      Changes to the .GID file associated with the help                 file passed in as the lpszHelpFile parameter.                      Ignored; set to 0.
HELP_TAB      Opens the Help Topics dialog box, displaying the                 specified extensible tab.      Zero-based index                 of the extensible tab to display (0 is the first                 tab, 1 the second, etc.).
You need to use the HELP_TAB, but first you need to add it to the definitions in Delphi.
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keithcslAuthor Commented:

Thanx for that piece of information. i have decalared a constant in my program, ie

  HELP_TAB = $000F

and tried the function. well, it did bring up the contents tab without fail but i couldn't access the other tabs, ie the Index tab.

have u tried it and got it working?

btw, i am happy to accept ur comment as an answer, so it would be great if u could repost it as an asnwer.

As far as I understand, you need to call the contents with the TabIndex of 0:
WinHelp(Handle, 'some help file path', HELP_TAB, 0)

The Index With the TabIndex of 1:
WinHelp(Handle, 'some help file path', HELP_TAB, 1)

The Find With the TabIndex of 2:
WinHelp(Handle, 'some help file path', HELP_TAB, 2)

Did you do it this way?
keithcslAuthor Commented:
That's fine. thanks a lot for confirming that.

PS: I am using the HELP_PARTIALKEY to display the Index tab.

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