SHFileOperation and Null terminated strings

I am trying to use SHFileOperation to copy multiple files.  I am having difficulty constructing the pFrom string which requires the file names be seperated by a null character and if more than one file the whole string needs to be terminated with two null characters.  I originally did this program in Visual Basic 5 and it was real easy.  I need a stand-alone executable which is why I am learning Delphi.
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Create string pFrom like filename1+#0+filename2+#0+...+#0#0
rmbecAuthor Commented:
That is what I tried first.
When I do that filename2 does not get appended.
Are pFrom, filename1, etc all type string?
pFrom must be a string I mean
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1. Place 2 TEdit's and a button in a form.
2. In Edit1 write the full path and file names of the file you want to copy, each is seperated by ';'.
3. In Edit2 write the destination Path/s, seperated by ';'.
4. Copy the code bellow and press the button.

uses ShellApi;

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  lpFile: TSHFileOpStruct;
  FFrom, FTo: string;
  pFrom, pTo: PChar;
  i: Integer;
  with lpFile do
    wFunc := FO_COPY;
    FFrom := Edit1.Text + #0#0;
    for i := 1 to Length(FFrom) do if FFrom[i] = ';' then FFrom[i] := #0;
    pFrom := PChar(FFrom);
    FTo   := edit2.text + #0#0;
    for i := 1 to Length(FTo) do if FTo[i] = ';' then FTo[i] := #0;
    pTo   := PChar(FTo);


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The last line should be SHFileOperation(lpFile);
rmbecAuthor Commented:
That won't work. As soon as I add the #0 to the null-terminated string it terminates the string.  The next strings do not get appended.  I've tried all sorts of ways to build this.  The closest I come is using an Character array but I need to dimension it after I calculate how many characters there are.
pFrom must be a string
rmbecAuthor Commented:
My apologies, your method does work. I don;t know what I did earlier to cause it not to work.  I am not working with edit boxes, nor do I have control over file names so I can't use the ';' character since it is allowed in a file name.  I use a '?' instead. I certainly learned alot about how Delphi handles strings, arrays, pointers and memory blocks during my journey here.  Thanks for your help.
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