Using progressbar to show disk operation.

This question has probably been asked before but here it goes.

How do one go about using a progressbar to show disk operation as in the following:

Copying of files, to show how much of the file has been copied,

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You may use SHFileOperation . It show a progress window. If it is no way tell.
delbradAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response but that was not what I was looking for, I want to be able to use my own dialog with a progressbar...
OK. If You copy using BlockRead You must read by block. If You know number of block You may update progressbar
If you copy file from you application, take this. Otherwise this does not help. Also you may want to enhance this. We worked before so no need to demand more points.

Bye friend, (and bye to all the other friends may this piece of code works!-no no I use it several times dont wory!)


  Copies a file from S to D, and if Pr <> nil updates it
procedure CopyFileX(Pr : TProgressBar ;SOffset : LongInt; S, D: String);
  Src, Dest : TFileStream;
  Ptr  : pointer;
  red  : longint;
 Ptr:= nil;
 Src:= nil;
 Dest:= nil;
  Src := TFileStream.Create(S, fmOpenRead);
  Src.Seek(SOffset, soFromBeginning);
  Dest:= TFileStream.Create(D, fmCreate or fmOpenWrite);
  if Pr <> nil then
    Pr.Max := Round(Dest.Size/1024);
    Pr.Position := 0;
  GetMem(Ptr, 32000);
  while Src.Position <> Src.Size do
    red := Src.Read(Ptr^, 32000);
    Dest.Write(Ptr^, red);
    if Pr <> nil then
  if Assigned(Ptr) then FreeMem(Ptr, 32000);
  if Assigned(Src) then Src.Free;
  if Assigned(Dest) then Dest.Free;


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