I'm trying to load a bitmap into a CBitmap object and have no problem when I use the ID

but when I try to use the actual bitmap path

it won't load. How do I go about loading a bmp using a string?
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LoadBitmap works only with bitmap resource. Use LoadImage Win32 API function to load bitmap from a file
GrailmanAuthor Commented:
I found a function on the web to read in a BMP and load it to my CBitmap object that works, but when I try to delete it in order to load another BMP I always get assertion errors???

BmpOb.DeleteObject()   // causes assertion errors

You are going to need to tell WHAT assertion is occuring...  Is it asserting because the class' internal object handle is NULL?

Also...  Check out the source code to the function that loads the BMP into the CBitmap object, and check if it is messing around with the object handle.

-=- James.
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Why did you rejected galkins answer? The easiest way of loading bitmap is the LoadImage function
Two possible reasons:

   o He has a function to load into a CBitmap
   o The LR_LOADFROMFILE flag to LoadImage(...) is not supported under NT (according to the Docs...).

   Just a thought...

-=- James.

About the first problem, you can use CBitmap::FromHandle() to get it into CBitmap.
I believe LR_LOADFROMFILE is supported on NT 4.0+
it is not supported on any older versions, though.


 Try CBitmap::Attach( << Bitmap Handle From LoadImage() >> )
   and CBitmap::Detach


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GrailmanAuthor Commented:
Detach() seems to do it ok. Guess just I wasn't paying attention.
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