Need help to identify a motherboard and get a bios for it.

Ok I'm looking for a bios image for this old board.

8-ISA slots.
8-30 pin simm slots.
486DX-33, this board has a crystal-in-a-can on it not a PLL (66MHz).
The CPU slot is a mega-tonne (lots) insertion force socket, and has the 487 co-pro socket.
Symphony chipset: SL82C461, SL82C362, SL82C465.
Keyboard bios is: OPTI80C42 (copyright by MR Bios)
Good ol Dallas Real Time clock/cmos: DS1287.
8-28pin Cache DIPs and a TAG.

 The original bios was an AMI. Someone thought it would be funny to put it in backwards. If you know Bios' you know what this means.

 There is a sticker but I'm sure it won't help: ASI266418.
I thought it was ASI Inc. but no joy.

 There is acouple ways you can help me. Locate the right bios for it or where can I get AMI, Phoenix or Award bios' for a eprom 27c512. (This would mean alot of them.. or just some). Or I guess you could email me a dump of an older 486 bios, if you can throw your old board together to get it.

 Thanks for your help..

 Oh and yes it's possible to get the wrong bios to work.
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I'll try to shoot. Check homepage:
Here you can by BIOS ID number identify your motherboard. Here also
TONS of links to BIOS images and manufacturer sites.

Hope this helps.
tvermetteAuthor Commented:
I've been there alot. The problem is that most of the boards listed are Pentium. I've gone right into the to look for there bios' but I can't tell if the board I'm looking at is 486. In most cases it a pentium, this is the problem. I've looked at alot of sites and search the web quite a bite but the only ones I find are flash, and if it a flash it's not going to help me... in most cases the BIN is too large... it would be more for a 27c1024
Try contacting Mr. Bios. They should be able to fix you up with a new chip if you give them the numbers off the old one!
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tvermetteAuthor Commented:
I've sent MR an email but I haven't got anything back for quite awhile... even though there web site has said they will respond in 48 hours. Believe me, I've been everywhere thinkible. Now the only other thing I really have left is to hope someone has the same board as me and can grab the binary image of the bios... But I must say that I've seen your guys answers to some questions and I must say you guys are GOOD. This site is one of my greatest finds in a long time! (Best so far is Hotbot, I found it when it was about a week old!)

 Oh the bios was tossed when I found out it was dead. The number that were on it were AMI's date and the type of bios it was (486). There wasn't anything useful on the chip.
Yes, I heard that MR BIOS is quite universal for all boards, but
I also heard that many ppl have all kinds of problems after
flashing it on their chips (memory failures, GPFs, etc.). IMO,
BIOS must be provided ONLY by motherboard manufacturer.
tvermetteAuthor Commented:
I used to collect bios' from school. I like to get boards running even if it means resoldering every leg on it. I guess it comes from the fact that we went through alot of boards, perfectly good 486 boards like pci and other stuff. The only thing wrong with them was someone put the bios in backwards, and to get a replacement costed to much, well to the school that is. I thought it was a waste so I fix'em or got replacement bios' from other boards even burned afew copy proms. But like some students, I got rid of alot of stuff once school was out... So now I'm looking for something I probibly had. I'm into Ham Radio and a 386/486 boards can come in real handy and if you know much about ham radio you know we people like to scrounge up things first before we shell out money for something. It's the challange that drives alot of us! I've found a bios for my Gigabyte 486AM PCI by accident, fluke really and I'm still using it.. well with a AMD5X86-133 and I like it!
tvermetteAuthor Commented:
I guess I should reopen the question.. I'm kinda new at this, or should I wait?

That's up to you, it might encourage others to join us though if you feel that will produce results!
Have you tried American Megatrends, the manufacturer of the original BIOS.  They have a page at (rather obvious).  Depending where you are I know it is possible to get new AMI BIOS burned.  I have had many done by the AMI representative company here in Sydney Australia. Try: <Mike Carter>
I find him very helpful.

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tvermette....  Can you please tell us (for the benifit of those reading this including myself) the details of the solution to your BIOS problem.
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