Alternative to CancelIo under Win95

I have built a DLL that can be used for serial communications under NT4 and I want to use it under Win95 also.

If I call to CancelIo() anywhere in the code, the DLL fails to load under Windows 95 (GetLastError returns 31). It works fine under NT4.

The Visual C++ 5.0 help states that this function is not supported under Windows 95 (even though it compiles and links).

Are there any alternative ways to cancel any previous asynchronous Read() and Write() calls under 95?


Jamie Robb
Senior Software Analyst
C-C-C Technology Ltd
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Take a look at the PurgeComm() function.

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JamieRAuthor Commented:
I really need to be able to cancel IO operations on a per thread basis. Purge cancels all operations on the port.

Well, in that case, close the handle to the device you have open.  If the thread opened the device in non-overlapped mode, kill the thread first.
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JamieRAuthor Commented:
Again, good answer but the point of the DLL is to let multiple clients access the port. I am using CancelIo to end the asynchronous operations for a particular client before it terminates. There may be other clients available so I can't close the port - if I did I would lose any buffered data.

(This has to be one of the hardest pieces of code I've ever written!)

Hmmmm, in that case I'm out of ideas.  Sorry.
JamieRAuthor Commented:
Wait a mo. The help keeps talking about IO calls on a thread basis when it seems (from trial and error)  that only one thread can start an overlapped operation when a previous operation has completed. If each thread could do it's own read I wouldn't have any of these problems. Any ideas?
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