Login script problem

There is NetWare 4.11 with  no login scripts (no container, profile or user log.scripts) - all mapping and capturing is done from Network Neighborhood (all workstations run Windows95).
System lets me create (logged as admin) user login script (or profile login script) first time, after I save it I cann't open it again - I am getting en error: "The login script file could not be opened. Error code 1725:-128"
Other properties seems are ok.
Any ideas?
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This TID may help: There are others but my drowser has crashed several times since the upgrade last night.
"Login Script File Could Not Be Opened" Error  (Last modified: 09JAN1998)

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     A container, user, or profile login script can become locked open by a user when the user is
     executing the login script and the script pauses for user input (for example, using the PAUSE
     command in the script). If the user does not enter any input when prompted, the login script
     cannot be edited.
     If a user tries to edit (save changes to) a login script that is locked open by a user, NWAdmin
     returns the error:

     "NWDS-4.0-624: The login script file could not be opened. Return Code: 1729:128."

     and NETADMIN returns the error:

     "NETADMIN-4.55-110: The utility can't open the script file. Error Code: FF80."


     Unfortunately, if the login script is locked open when you try to save changes, NWAdmin will
     return the error above and when you click OK to close the error dialog box, your changes will be
     lost. However, you should still be able to edit the login script even if a user has the file locked.

     This issue has been reported to engineering as an enhancement request and is currently under
     investigation. A suggestion has been made to have Netware Administrator generate a message
     that the changes could not currently be saved and that it will continue to retry until successful
     or the Cancel button is clicked. When a Cancel does occur it would then go back to the Login
     Script screen with the changes still intact so that they could be block and copied elsewhere.

     Below are some workarounds:

     1. After getting the error message in NWAdmin, open the login script again and make any
     changes to it. Then, before clicking OK, make a copy of the login script by highlighting the text
     and copying it to the Clipboard buffer (Ctrl+C). Optionally, but for backup purposes, you can
     save the script to a new file using an editor like NotePad (use Ctrl+V to paste the text into the
     editor). Next, delete the entire login script in NWAdmin and click OK. The changes will be saved.
     Next, open the now empty login script in NWAdmin and paste (Ctrl+V) the text back into the
     login script. Now, click OK and the error will not occur.

     2. Since login scripts are stored as part of NDS, the login scripts are replicated on various
     servers, depending on how the tree has been partitioned and which servers hold replicas of the
     partition involved. Therefore, it may be possible to edit and save changes to a login script by
     accessing the data from a different server. First, determine what server is returning the error.
     Then find another server that has a replica of the same partition, login to that server, and run
     NWAdmin from it. To do this, close your connections to all 4.x servers except the one replica
     server you're trying to access NDS from and run NWAdmin from there. If the login script is
     opened from a server other than the server where it is locked, the login script should be able to
     be edited. This method has proven successful in our tests.

     Note: If you know the server you are logged into and which server you are reading the directory
     services objects form (or you are in a single server environment) You can locate the user that is
     holding the login script file open by Loading Monitor, and looking at each connection to find a
     user that has a file open in the SYS:_NetWare directory. Having the user log off or Clearing the
     users connection will close the login script. This problem is usually caused by calling a TSR,
     menu or Windows from a login script.

     An enhancement request was entered for NWAdmin and NETADMIN to report the user and/or
     connection number that has the script file locked open, so that the user's workstation can be
     located or their connection can be cleared.

     Search: lock saved cannot unable change modify NWDS 4.0 4.55 624 110 FF80 1729 128 -128 1728
     -1728 1074

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Other TIDs to look at:

The error on these seem to be: Return code 1729:-128 or 128
Your question say 1725:-128 so these may not be much help,
but try them since you have nothing to loose.
If this doesn't help I would need more information.
ao489Author Commented:
Where can I find TIDs (what does is it stand for, by the way)?
Sorry, point your browser at:


and enter a search phrase and it will return the pages with
the words contained in the phrase somewhere in the document.
In the case of the Technical Information Document (TID) number
you will get that document or any document that mention it.
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