Cyrillic System Fonts

I've got some software that uses Cyrillic characters in the system area, that is if you look under the Start->Programs area, it SHOULD show up as Russian, but currently it's just gobbledygook.  You know, the higher than 128 ASCII characters.  I need to get my system fonts to use a Cyrillic font but I don't know how to edit my system fonts or put a fix in for Russian reading.  Yes I can get Russian everywhere else but in the system area.  This is in Windows 95 and I guess I don't know how to make it show unicode characters under the start button.
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What is your operating system?

If you are on WindowNT,95 and some UNIX, you can do that simply by using UNICODE characters.  UNICODE Characters are 2 bytes vs 1 bytes for ANSI.  And In UNICODE you can show directly Cyrillic font.
molodyetsAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
To add Cyrillic font on Win95:
Click on Start button
Select Setting
In Setting Select Control Panel
In Control Panel Select Keyboard  (Keyboard Properties)
In Keyboard select Tab Input Local
Click on Add Button and select Cyrillic
If you want that your Cyrillic font it'll be your default font when you boot, click on Set by Default button

If you have many keyboard on your Win95, you can change for each set of font your selected in Keyboard by press SHIFT+ALT.

Regards, shogi
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molodyetsAuthor Commented:
The proposed answer doesn't fix the problem of not being able to see the Cyrillic characters in the system area.  For example, I CAN read Cyrillic characters when I type, for instance in a word processor or something like that.  I CANNOT read Cyrillic in areas like under the start button or in window title areas.  This is the problem and I apologise if it wasn't clear before, but I had already enabled cyrillic support when I first got Win95 a few years ago.
Do you have english version of Win95?
Sorry, If you have english or any other version of Win95 except russian version you cann't have Windows buttton in english, or any directly button or DialogBox use with the API.  You need to install russian version or internalional version can supporting the Cyrill API.  

  I'm developping in many language and it's always the same thing !!  English Win95 support many set of characters to allows you reading and writting, but don't support the International characters for the API.  


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molodyetsAuthor Commented:
I have seen it done when I was in Moscow by installing a certain fix (or replacement) for the system fonts in the windows fonts folder.  I know it CAN be done, but at least I know now that it isn't that simple.  Thank you for your efforts.
I have had exactly the same problem (in Win 98 and in Win XP, though believe Win 95 will function in a similar way) and solved it without all of the above hassles.  Simply go into Display Properties, select Appearance and then set Fonts for any or all of the display fonts for which you are having problems.  Set the Font for each of these (there are a total of about 8 possibles: Active Title Bar, Inactive Title Bar, Icon, Menu, Message Box, Pallette, Selected Item, Tool Tip) to a font that you know has Cyrillic characters.  To do this, click for choices on Item and if the Font window below it is shaded, you know that that Item is not a text item.  Skip on to one of the others and select your favorite Cyrillic font.  Make a note of what the original setting is for that Font in case you decide you don't like your new choice and want to switch back to it later.  (Really, make the note.  You may find some of your choices are a bit annoying and it will save you a bunch of time later.)
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