Win95 and DUN on a ROLM phone system

I have a Compaq DeskPro 486/33M pc with Win95 at my office. Someone recently gave me an OEM Computer Peripherals ViVa 28.8 speaker phone internal modem 110-03025-06-A03.

I finally configured the Compaq for it and I can get Win95 to 'see' it on COM1 (it can query it and give me the eprom data of ATI1 - ATI7 when I click on     Properties/Diagnostics/More Info).

However, I cannot dial out nor get incoming faxes through the modem. My office uses a Rolm phone system but I don't think that should matter(?). I have set up a DUN connectoid and configured it correctly. I have also tried MS fax as well as MS dialer but they all complain that there is no dial tone. I have to dial '9' to get a dial tone so my properties/options are configured as such. I also tried the 'operator/manual dial' option which prompts me to actually dial the number myself then click on 'connect' when I hear the other-end computer tone then hang up. Even this does not work.

I've enabled the ModemLog feature and it always ends with a 'NO CARRIER' message.

Either the Rolm phone system is sending a frequency which is too high/low for the modem to detect or the modem itself might be bad.

Any ideas for me? (Other than trying another 'working' modem?
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Is the ROLM system giving you an ANALOG (or POTS) line interface?  Often with PBX systems like your ROLM, there is no POTS line brought to the individual desk.  Outputs from the system, however, can be programmed by your phone administrator to offer POTS interface to other outlet jacks on your wallplate.  Some PBX phone stations also have auxiliary output jacks that can support this.

Be aware also, that by plugging the modem into the PBX digital interface phone line, you may have damaged the modem.

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w_cohenAuthor Commented:
So then a normal modem will not work. Modems are analog and the ROLM phone system is a digital system.

I'll need a device that converts digital to analog.
No, you need whoever runs the phone system to provide you with an analog line out of the Rolm phone system.  
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w_cohenAuthor Commented:
No, as I said, I need a digital to analog conversion device.  This is ultimately more obtainable than an analog line, believe me.
This is not the kind of thing you go over to Radio Shack and buy.  Each PBX (the ROLM) expect to talk to a specific and proprietary desk station.  There are probably some companies out there that offer such a thing but my guess is that it's quite costly.  
w_cohenAuthor Commented:
Konnexx makes them for desktops as well as laptops.  They run $79-$100 at PC/Mac Connection.
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