identifying a pci multimedea device

I have a pci card that  is some type of video capture device and need to identify who the distributere/manufacturer is so i can get drivers.

the only chip that identifys tha card is the largest on the card and it is a philips chip
i have searched the philips co sight and have had no luck i have also cheacked around and have had no luck in finding working drivers. I want to get this card working in the hopes that it is a tv cap card or video cap.

it is PnP  and takes irq 12 and mem range FFDFF00-FFBDFFFF,

if you need more info an can help just ask!
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Kirshna, when your system boots, does it recognize the card and provide any ID info in the PCI section of the boot screen?
Can you post markings on this chip ?
what is the FCC-ID number listed on the card?
The first set of letters on the FCC-ID is what signifies the manufacturer that applied for that FCC-ID #.
Once we have this ID, you can go to the FCC website where you can look up the info yourself, or I have access to hundreds of thousands of FCC-ID's on a CD Rom.

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Have you tried the Winnov site?  Here's the URL:
They are OEM for Phillips cards. Maybe your card is one of theirs.
Hope it helps,

From the Irq it took it look like wincast tv card ( all PCI TV cards use the same chip it's bttv try for drivers and viewer aplication
Krishna081697Author Commented:
sorry the drivers at didnt work, and it is not or at least anything resembeling it is at

I will post the other requested info after i remove the card and write it down.


sorry about the tardyness of my reply,  it was time for a complete reformat.
Krishna081697Author Commented:
ok I got the info from the two large chips on the card.

the first is The Philips chip I will give you all wrighten print line by line:

SAA   7196  H
bfD9631V3  Y
philips 1995

ok now the next chip and all of its labeling:

GSC 80017  PR
9610A  PL  ^                                        ^ = delta smybol
the pba # of the card is: 658391-003

the fcc id is

Thanks again,  if i could post pics on a httpd server would that help??
Krishna081697Author Commented:
bios will not detect it and nither will it show anything when it boots up.

bios is set to plug and play os, i will turn this offf and if results are diffrent i will post them
Most bioses show multimedia device and IRQ under pci device found after you get info about you cpu, ram and etc
Krishna081697Author Commented:
it did not show any thing(upon boot up),   tyhe bios is an American megatrends  i dont remember the date and version number
Krishna081697Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 300
Krishna, here's the data on your card. It's an Intel Video capture card.

Type of App:  1
Lines:  1
Class:  JBP
Rule Part:  15
Frequency Range:  
Notes:  3716
Grant Date:  2/14/96
Grantee:  Intel Corporation
Address Line 1:  5200 NE Elam Young Parkway
Address Line 2:  MS: JF3-410
City, St:  Hillsboro, OR
Zip:  97124
Comments:  PCI Video Capture Board w/tuner

You can get the specs and the setup data directly from Intel!

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Krishna081697Author Commented:
do you know what the brand name is??
Krishna081697Author Commented:
I am haveing trouble  finding drivers off the intel web page,  know of any direct reseller that may have drivers?
It's an Intel card and was released in 1996. You may have to email them for more information, just use the data that I posted to identify it to them. They filed for an obtained license approval for the card.
Krishna081697Author Commented:
i wish to get working drivers bevore awarding you your points but i think your answer is correct its now just a matter of finding drivers from intell or there redistributers.
I have one set of drivers that makes everything happy but, it still will not allow me to view tv. so i am still seaching
Krishna, in all fairness, you asked to identify the card an manufacturer, and that information was found for you. However, even if you accept the answer, I would still continue with you until we both either locate good drivers, determine they aren't to be had or determine that the card doesn't function properly.
Krishna081697Author Commented:
oh i plain on giveing you the points if you want them NOW ok,   I have been participating in this program and have enjoyed your answers to other questions as well.  sorry if you thought i was being unfiar
Not a problem. How have you made out with Intel? Have you checked any other driver related sites? If not, let me know and I'll scan several at the same time!
Krishna081697Author Commented:
I have been through intel's main page no help

Intels page at

lead me to several companys that use simlier drivers (same dlls, etc)
the ads tech drivers work the best,    the drivers will install and be happy for the card.
the sfotware for useing the card is happy,  but it cant access the card to change channels or to even view any video

Krishna081697Author Commented:
Krishna081697Author Commented:
hehe,   i think i cant get drivers for this card   :(  this is intels response to the info you gave me!!!:

Date Sent
               Thu, 05 Mar 1998 12:50:08 -0800
               Re: identifacation of an tv cap card
               Intel Corporation - 400005

 Joseph Duncan wrote:
 > I have a tv capture card ffc id says its intel make,  I would like to find
 out the brand name and possible the location of drivers for this card!
 > its pba is:658391-003
 > here is the fcc ids info:
 >       Type of App:  1
 >       Lines:  1
 >       Class:  JBP
 >       Rule Part:  15
 >       Frequency Range:
 >       Notes:  3716
 >       Grant Date:  2/14/96
 >       Grantee:  Intel Corporation
 >       Address Line 1:  5200 NE Elam Young Parkway
 >       Address Line 2:  MS: JF3-410
 >       City, St:  Hillsboro, OR
 >       Zip:  97124
 >       Comments:  PCI Video Capture Board w/tuner
 > any help is much appreciated.
 > Thanks for your time,
 > Joseph T. Duncan

 Hello Joseph,

 The Intel Intercast(TM) technology product you purchased was designed
 and licensed by Intel for integration into PC systems manufactured and
 supported by PC makers.  Your product was not designed nor licensed by
 Intel to be sold as an aftermarket product.  

 Intel does not provide end user support for this or any other Intercast
 technology product.  All end user support for Intercast technology
 products is provided by licensed Intercast technology vendors.  Your
 best option is to return the product to the point of purchase.
 Information on licensed Intercast technology vendors who sell and
 support the technology is available at


 James Murawski
 Intel Internet Customer Support
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