Monitor breakdown

On a network of 25 PCs randomly upon bootup the screens will breakdown and become unstable on various PCs. Its easily remedied by rebooting PC. Its sometimes affects as many as 8 PCs but totally random.
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How old are these montiors? If they're all on the old side, I'd say that you have intermittent problems with the analog cards and the monitors should be replaced. If they are relatively new, then I don't know.

Can you post more info ? Bootup of what ? Win95, Win3.11 or
simple DOS ?
May be your display card is loose.
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the_whelkAuthor Commented:
All equipment less than 2 years old. PCs booting up into W95 - can't believe its the analog cards - any other solutions.
Now another questions: is problem consistent ? Can you boot PC
without network ? I think there is resource conflict between
network card and video card (???). Maybe on crashed PCs video
cards of one common type ?
I seem to remember a question like this on EE in the last 2-3 months.  It turned out to be a hacker or virus being inflicted on them by their ISP.  Maybe something to check into....
Hello whelk;
     In WIn95 open "trouble shooting" to look for conflicts.
Try also "system" properties etc.(in "Control Panel"), in "safe mode", sometimes things show up still there that you thought you had succesfully deleted or changed. e.g. driver or hardware changes, removals etc..Even thoughyou reformatted, maybe the Windows is not reading right some hardware item(s) or not properly installing drivers. Check out that possibility, it does happen.
    Hackers or Virus is a possibility that should be investigated fully. Don't rely always only on the start-up anti-virus check. It is not thorough. For instance "McAfee anti-virus scan fro Windows 95" gives you the option of making an emergency diskette with which you can do a complete scan in DOS mode. It takes 15 minutes to a half hour, or more depending on size and number of your hard disks, but when its done you've got a total check up of every nook and cranny in disk(s).
    Also check out your network's hub and main cables and connections you only need a slight loosening of connection, a teeny bit of corrosion from damp or corrosive atmospere, a slight fault in a solder joint or fraying of insulation, to get the sort of thing you're experiancing. (mice and rats love nibbling on electrical wires).
   Hope this helps you. Good luck.


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Whelk, how about a feedback ?

Ian "baal shem tov" busuka. :)))
Hi whelk!
  Sorry could not give you more before had a sudden emergency call then, (patient in respiratory distress Thnk G-d he's OK now)& then ...
Check if there are any of the monitors that ALWAYS have the instability at start up & if so what is common between them, and or any that never do (ditto) and let me know. What kind of central/ common processing or distribution is there for these units?  Before you reboot check out where each flaky unit is getting signal from. Have you tried turning just the individual monitor off and on again without rebooting? If the monitors are cheapos, or old (ununsed) stock that got sold to as new or cheap OEM or clone video cards you could be sufering from breakdown of cheap capacitors, (maybe maybe maybe chokes in the monitor chassis).
Give more data on what you have tried or found to identify type or loation etc. of trouble.
the_whelkAuthor Commented:
I am working my way through all these points but I suspect that at the end of the day it might be down to a virus, but there are quite a few inconsistencies. These problems are now occuring in a different building but only on Gateway monitors. Samsung, Phillips etc all ok. So maybe this does indicate monitor quality.
Any further comments appreciated.
Hello Whelk!
Try to borrow or rent some definite quality monitors in top working condition switch them in place of your present units, also make sure that all cables, connectors and hubs etc. are good quality, in good condition, and firmly connected. I strongly suspect you will see a positive difference Let me know how you do.
Yaakov (rabi_nahman)
I have a question - I recently tried to hook up a new pc with xp to a Philips Super Vga Monitor (cm2089js01) - 3 of the xp register screens came up.  I tried unplugging monitor and plugging back in - full shutdown.  No go.  It worked about 20 mins before on a different pc.  Then I tried another brand new pc with xp and the same thing happened.  Is it safe to say the monitor needs replacing?
Sounds reasonable!
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