Using the TSpeedItem on TSpeedBar in the RX library

The title says everything.
My problem is that in the onClick event when I try following
(sender as tspeeditem).caption I get a class cast error.
When I look at run time at the sender.class I can see it's
class is TSpeedButton (or something like that).
The problem is that TSpeedButton is an unknown type
so I cannot use (sender as tspeedButton).caption
Just Try what I sayd and you will understand.
My goal is to do following

if (sender as tspeeditem).caption = 'test' then

What do you thing ?
I'm using RX library 2.32.
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Hi jeurk,

You can do it this way :

 if (Sender as TRXSpeedButton).Caption = 'test' then begin
  else begin

Don't forget to add RXCtrls to the uses clausule!

Regards, Zif.

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jeurkAuthor Commented:
Hello, thanks for the answer but I need to know something more.
I agree that what you say works.
The solution is done by adding rxctrls.
what I don't understand is that tspeedbarbutton is declared in
speedbar.pas so I tryed to include speedbar in de uses clausule.
At compilation it still says that it does not know tspeedbarbutton. After adding rxctrls it no longer complains.
I hope you'll understand what I mean ?
I don't know exactly, haven't looked at the code, but if you see, in my code I use TRXSpeedButton and not TSpeedBarButton. TSpeedBarButton is a descendant of TRXSpeedButton.

jeurkAuthor Commented:
I tryed the thing and it did not work, actually. the caption property is not connected to the (Sender as TRXSpeedButton).Caption
I had to use the btnCaption for my prog to work.
Thanks for your help.

Strange, I'd tested it myself on my computer and it did work exactly like I wrote here. Maybe it's a different version from yours and Delphi version too. Regards, Zif.
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