Builder:I can't dinamically load winsock.dll

I'm trying to implement a tcpip cliente with winsock.dll, because i need binary comunication
with a server. But  the LoadLibrary("winsock.dll") fails.

How can i load the library?
i tried with others, "twain.dll" fails too, but "NViewlib.dll" works fine.

Sorry, I haven't explain it enought,
The library winsock.dll is in the windows directory, and the error that returns
GetLastError is number 31. It says that a device in the system does'n works ??
I have the TCP/IP installed, and it works!

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chensuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use Wsock32.dll instead. Winsock.dll seems to be used by 16-bit applications running on 32-bit Windows even though it is a 32-bit dll.

By the way, twain.dll is definitely 16-bit while twain_32.dll is 32-bit.
Where is winsock.dl?  You must specify a path to it or it must be in the windows directory or in the dirrectory with your app.

What is the error code returned by GetLastError()?
ineilaAuthor Commented:
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ineilaAuthor Commented:
It seems to works fine in my windows NT, but GetLastError returns 120 in my
Windows 95, it says the function only works in Win32 ?? It isn't an error not?

After which function, GetLastError returns 120?
ineilaAuthor Commented:
After function LoadLibrary("wsock32.dll").
And, working with my NT, when i try to import function socket, it says denied access.
With the function connect, recv, etc, it says can't find resource. ??

I tried it on my Windows 95. LoadLibrary("wsock32.dll") succeeded and returned a non-NULL handle. Check your system.
ineilaAuthor Commented:
Ok. I checked my system.. but my error was that i didn't initialize the windows sockets
subsystem, with WSAStartup()!

Thank you.

You would save yourself a lot of trouble if you just go and get a commercial Winsock VCL.

I use IP*Works! from  -  it's native VCLs, and they have a free trial.
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