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How do I set the height of a combobox?

How do I  set the height of an ownerdrawn combobox in Delphi? I have tried setting the Height property at design time and at various stages of initialization. I have also tried selecting a larger font for the combobox.
All without success.

Does anyone know how to get around this?

Thanks in Advance
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This is not that easy to get around with. You cannot set the Height property on ComboBoxes, but you can do this:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  ComboBox1.Style:= csOwnerDrawFixed;
  // It's nessecary to set this property due to changes in size.
  ComboBox1.DropDownCount:= 12;
  ComboBox1.ItemHeight:= 15;

To set specific height, you must individually change the properties untill they fit into your needs. Else you'll have to make up your own ComboBox component.
AndersWPAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your swift answer. Unfortunately is does not really cover my problem. Re-reading my question, I can see that I not been specific enough, so let me elaborate a bit:

What I have is a csOwnerDrawVariable combobox, and the height that troubles me is the height of the edit field part of the box, i.e. the height of the box when it is not dropped down.

Sorry about that.
Double Click in OnMeasureItem Property and write down the following:(The sytle must be ownerdrawn)

procedure TForm1.ComboBox1MeasureItem(Control: TWinControl; Index: Integer;
  var Height: Integer);
  Height := 70;

Now the edit box has height 70

AndersWPAuthor Commented:
Thank you - I somehow got the idea that what you propose would only affect the height of items in the dropped down list, but it works just fine.
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