Multiple column listbox

I've two tiny questions.
1-I need a multiple column listbox in my project.Is there
any free ocx that can solve my problem?
2-I use the crystal reports ocx in my project.
I tried to register that by Modem but I didn'd succeed.I want to distribute my application, Is that really necesary?
I tried to install my application but the system hanged.
Is that the reason?             thank you
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For the multicolumn listbox, check out the following URL:

Click "Code Library" on the left, "List & Combo" on the center left, and finally, scroll down on and click on "How to Set Tabstops in a Listbox".  You will find a code example using a normal VB listbox.

In regard to the CR question.  You are not required to register any product you own in order to use or distribute it as long as you have the right to distribute granted in the license agreement.  You are free to distribute the CR that comes with VB (assuming you own VB).

Whoops, I suppose I should have added: "Not registering CR isn't the reason your system hung."
nimaAuthor Commented:
I actually can do that without using api But I need something
like access list  and combo boxes.with separating lines and
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u can use the ms flexgrid
or you can concatenate the different data items into
one string and then add that string to a single column
vb list box..
nimaAuthor Commented:
The msflexgrid needs a lot of resources and the string cancatenating is not the solution because I need headlines.
so thank you for your answers.
this a list control from which can make multiple columns..
try it..i think its what u want..
nimaAuthor Commented:
Hi ! icesurfer
Unfortunately I couldn't find any control there.Would you please
be more specific.
                    thank you
Why don't you just use the ListView control that's part of Windows?  Just set it to "Report" mode, and you'll get listbox-like functionality, and headers for each column.  In addition, you'll get dynamically resizeable columns.

You can also make the ListView look completely like a listbox by turning on the full row select flag (so the highlight bar extends across all of the columns, instead of the default, which is to just highlight the first column).

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nimaAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot for your help.It's exactly what I need.
I just don't know where is that full row selected flag.
I'll appreciate it.
Here's some code:

' Change the ListView control to the "Full Row Select" mode, so
' it will act more like a list box...  This style is not
' documented, but the flag exists in the COMMCTRL.H C++
' header file...
Call SendMessage(List1.hWnd, LVM_SETSTYLE, 0, LVS_FULLROW)

You'll need the following declarations:

' These constants are used to set the full-row select style
' for the ListView...
Private Const LVS_FULLROW   As Long = &H20
Private Const LVM_FIRST     As Long = &H1000
Private Const LVM_SETSTYLE  As Long = LVM_FIRST + 54
Private Const LVM_GETSTYLE  As Long = LVM_FIRST + 55

' Declaration of the Win32 API "SendMessage"...
Private Declare Function SendMessage Lib "user32" Alias
      "SendMessageA" _
      (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal Message As Long, _
       ByVal wParam As Long, ByVal lParam As Long) As Long

Another note:

   Call the code I previously posted in your Form Load procedure.  If you want to change the Listview's style in the middle of the program (or turn it off and then back on), you'll
need to call SendMessage using the LVM_GETSTYLE message first, otherwise you'll lose the existing style flags.

For example, to turn off the full row select:

Dim rc as Long
rc = SendMessage( List1.hWnd, LVM_GETSTYLE, 0, 0)
rc = rc Xor LVS_FULLROW
SendMessage( List1.hWnd, LVM_SETSTYLE, 0, rc )

To turn it back on:
rc = SendMessage( List1.hWnd, LVM_GETSTYLE, 0, 0)
rc = rc Or LVS_FULLROW
SendMessage( List1.hWnd, LVM_SETSTYLE, 0, rc )

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