ShowWindow does not work properly

I am using Delphi under NT and the following code:-

if handle>0 then
   if IsIconic(handle) then
        ShowWindow(handle, sw_restore);
        SetActiveWindow( handle);

It works okay if the other app is in a normal state, but if it is minimized it will not restore itself properly.

You can use the window but you cannot minimize it unless you right mouse click on the program icon and select restore. I have read about Delphi using a hidden form, does this affect it?
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Don't know, what if you use ShowWindow(handle, SW_SHOWNormal) instead of

ostevensAuthor Commented:
No, Ive tried all of the show commands and it still doesnt work.
I took out the IsIconic bit as well to make sure it was working and used shellexecute instead of executefile.

I changed the program from my other delphi app to Calculator, and it worked okay. I created a blank delphi app 'form1' and this had the same problem.
Delphi uses a 1x1 pixel, invisible window as a wrapper for the Application object. And you get the handle of this wrapper window.
where TMyAppForm is the class name of the main form of your application (mostly TForm1). Change it to your form class name. It is a good idea to take a 'unique' name for the forma class because you want to identify your window in nearly any situation.

Hope this helps,

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ostevensAuthor Commented:
Sorted, found the right handle to do it.
Cheers mate.
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