OS/2 and DTC3181a SCSI

I have a trust flatbed scanner. I know it not the best scanner but it works pretty well. I have os/2 TWAIN drivers for the scanner with SANE, I think this because it is an OEM mustek. But first the SCSI card must work native under OS/2. I works under WIN/OS2 without any problems. It uses an DLL to work no DOS sys driver. Anybody know if there is an native OS/2 driver for the DTC3181a. The problem is that there are many manufactors that use this little card but with different version numbers of the card. So any idea's

Thanks Roderick
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OttaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If there is a device driver,
it will be listed on the (large) web-page at:


RoderickAuthor Commented:
Sorry I did not include it in the message but I already looked there. These kind of drivers you just find only when your lucky. With this hardware its always the same story. Almost all hardware manufactors use the same chips. There has to be a driver out there on the web. Also be warned there is one company called DTC and another company that is called DTC taiwan. I can't remeber it realy but the two companies have almost the same name. I had it ones with a VLB IDE controller it worked with 5 different drivers from totaly other manufactors. Many use the same chips. And in some cases there also is another name on the chip. It sometimes drives you crazy to see how many chips are around and are almost the same but just have another name or serial number!
RoderickAuthor Commented:
As I said before you just need to bump into the blasted driver. I already tried the links from the datatechnology site. But there only providing window drivers. I can find the ftp.software.ibm.com/ but after the slash you need to include ps/products/os2 and then os2ddpak. For the rest there are no directories. I should have included all the thinks that I tried to find but I was just hoping that somebody had found a driver. I I would have included all the sites that I tried then I would have been a very long list. But as I said it there so many manufactors that use this card. And almost all the sites I checked only had windows drivers. I also tried the os/2 drivers from the warp 4 sample cd and they are for the  HP scanner (native). So bad luck thanks I think that I just have to buy an adaptec or something.
> I can find the ftp.software.ibm.com/ 
> but after the slash you need to include
> ps/products/os2 and then os2ddpak.
> For the rest there are no directories.

Note that I used a prefix of 'http://'
for the URL which I correctly cited,
while you used a prefix of 'ftp://' for your URL.
Changing the prefix *REQUIRES* that the "suffix"
will also change.

Check the USENET newsgroup 'comp.os.os2.setup.misc'
and/or 'comp.os.os2.setup.storage', and try posting
your question to USENET.
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