Master/Slave HD installation?

I have a Maxtor 4.3GB HD to add to my present Wstn.Digtal 1.2GB HD (on P/133 72MB RAM). The WD is 10ms; the Maxtor is 12ms. Is the difference noticable? Also, I understand that if I make the Maxtor the Master & install WIN95, the system will read it as C:, and my old WD will be D:. Since the first partition on the WD was C: & there is a compressed D: "drive," will these be accessible from the new setup? Will programs on my old D: be accessible, or will windows not know where to find them?
    Thanks for any help?
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They will be accessible as D: and E:. It will not matter if win95 could find them since it will not assimilate the software into its new registry and start menu, and all the software will have to be reinstalled.

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Yeah it will all work fine. I suggest moving the swap file to the faster drive. You will also have to make the old drive(WD) the slave and the maxtor the master (with jumpers on the back of the drive).
Arch, would you like to easily move your original setup from your current "C" drive to your new "C" drive? That way you can format the old "C" partition, unmount the compressed drive, remove compression and move it to the freshly formatted drive.
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Arch030397Author Commented:
Thanks, guys. I am trying not to get into installation & getting stuck. All input is appreciated.

Phoenix; I want a fresh install of all software. My concern is inadvertant loss of data files overlooked on backup. Will the newly installed WIN95 recognize the old "D:" (which will then be "E:") as a compressed drive?

Sico;  do I want to make the faster drive the SLAVE?  or, is there any noticable difference in 10ms and 12ms?

Dennis; What I would LIKE to do is keep the current WD 10ms HD as the MASTER, & make the new MAXTOR 12ms the SLAVE. BUT, would like to reformat/partition the WD from 4 partitions to 2 -- one for the BOOT drive & the other for the swap files (& PhotoShop's scratch disk)
Well I would make the faster drive the master if possible. Not that much difference.
Arch, since you've accepted Phoenix's answer, it costs all other techs 5 points to revisit here. In any event, you may be best served by purchasing Partition Magic and using that to make your changes. In any event, you'll still have to decompress the one drive.
Arch030397Author Commented:
Thanks, again  -- didn't mean to pull points from anyone. Would loan you some of mine if I could. 'Preciate you dropping in, tho.  Will check into Partion Magic........

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