can't install win95 for a CYRIX!!!!

My computer is Cyrix MX 200 I can't get windows 95 install in the computer
Whenever I try I got the error message "SUNW caused segment load failure to module SETUP.DLL at 0014:00FD"
and "SUNW caused segment load failure to module KRNL386.DLL"  "SUNW caused segment load failure to modulr
WINSET.bin" SUNW caused segment load failure to module USER.DLL"
then I'll get return to dos with "Standare Mode:  invalid DPMI return from..."
so I just wondering what happen?
I search the FAQ from cyrix and it says it may caused by the large EIDE hard drive but there don't have any answer for that problems... so HELP!!!!!
My systerm
32meg edo ram
cyrix mx 200
EDIE quantum 4.6g HD,
24x max EIDE cd-rom
S4 4 meg edo video card.
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I have a cyrix 200mx running win95 great.  Have you tried using another install cd.

Try partioning your drive first. I'm not sure if win95 will install on 1  4.3 gig drive.  You might have to partion it into smaller segments.
pcchiuAuthor Commented:
I do partition into 3 1.4 drive.  Right now I got the problem the windows protection error after the installation(it won't get into the win95...).
What multipler I suppose to use for cyrix 200mx?  2.5x66mhz or 2x75?
Hi Pcchiu, back already?

Use 2.5xgg as a start.

Here's some things to check regarding Cyrix and your specific processor.

Cyrix builds CPUs for both OEMs and end users that plug into 386DX and
386SX sockets. The end user CPU family is labeled 486DRx or 486SRx, while
the OEM family of microprocessors is labeled 486DLC or 486SLC. The RX or
end user family of microprocessors differs from the LC or OEM family as
 - The RX family does not require any BIOS or hardware modifications to
   existing 386 systems as does the LC family.
 - The RX family has integrated cache coherency logic built on the chip,
   unlike the LC family.
 - The Cyrix LC family is clearly marked "FOR OEM USE ONLY" to avoid end
   user confusion. This processor family should not be used in
   unmodified existing motherboard designs.
These fundamental differences in the chip family architecture allow Cyrix
to provide OEMs with a low cost, simple board and BIOS modification
solution to build 486 systems using the LC family, while giving end users a
distinct cost effective upgrade solution with the RX family.
Using an LC family processor in a system is not safe unless the necessary
hardware and BIOS modifications have been made in the design of the
motherboard. These changes, although not difficult for an OEM to make, are
not possible for an end user. Therefore, Cyrix does not support end users
who upgrade their 386DX or SX systems using the LC family of processors.
The following problems can occur when using the LC family of processors as
an upgrade to a 386 system:
 - Loss of data on DMA devices such as SCSI or ESDI drives due to lack
   of cache coherency circuitry.
 - General I/O timing errors due to the I/O system being too slow for
   the LC family.

Here's some things to check through on the windows protections error.
A Windows Protection Error means that an error occurred loading a virtual device driver (VxD) before the desktop is loaded. In many cases you can tell from the error message which VxD did not load, but in other cases you may not be able to determine which VxD caused the problem.
Windows Protection Errors are generated when any of the following
conditions occur:
- A real-mode driver and a protected-mode driver are in conflict.
- The registry is damaged.
- The or file is infected with a virus or is damaged.
- A driver is being loaded from the System.ini file for which a protected-mode driver has already been initialized.
- There is a physical I/O or RAM address conflict.
- There are incorrect CMOS settings for a built-in peripheral device (such as cache settings, CPU timing, hard disks, and so on).
- The Plug and Play feature of the computer's BIOS is not working correctly.
- The computer contains a malfunctioning system cache or memory.
- The computer's motherboard is not working properly.

To resolve a Windows Protection Error, try the following steps:
1. Start the computer in Safe mode. If the error does not occur in Safe mode, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: ARTICLE-ID: Q136337

2. If your computer is a Plug and Play computer, reinstall Windows 95 using the following command:
      setup /p I
3. Make sure that the computer's CMOS settings are correct. For
information about changing CMOS settings on your computer, please refer to the computer's documentation or manufacturer.
4. Install a clean copy of Windows 95 in an empty folder. Choose the Custom installation option and do not let Setup detect the hardware in your computer. Install only a mouse, a VGA video adapter, and a keyboard.
If the error still occurs, it is most likely caused by faulty hardware.
If you need more, just ask!

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1) Enter BIOS Setup -> Advanced settings (if you have AWARD BIOS)
 and check if Virus Protection enabled. Disable it.
2) Setting for 200MHz CPU is 3x66.
3) Check CPU fan. If it works, or too small to cool CPU case. Cyrix
 CPUs are famous with overheating problems (hangups, crashes ...)
3) In BIOS Setup check how HDD installed (Large, LBA, CHS ...)
 It must be LBA.
4) Boot with minimal configuration (without CONFIG.SYS/AUTOEXEC.BAT)
5) On last try, right after message 'Starting Win95' press F8 and
 select from menu 'BOOTLOG.TXT'. Post FAILed lines here and several
 last lines from this file (C:\BOOTLOG.TXT).
6) Also post your CONFIG.SYS/AUTOEXEC.BAT here.
pcchiuAuthor Commented:
Hi Dennis,
That's a new computer without any software included so i need to install all the software.
The HD already in three 1.4g partition.
I tried all the setup.exe /xx options and still no luck.  I just wondering will the CPU go bad or the HD is bad?
It can go into safemode but not in normal mode.
I formatted the HD and do a virus scan on all the disks by my friends computer before installation and my win95 copy is cd version so no way to infected by virus.
***BTW, Even I just tried to play some dos game(before win95 install) and there will has some dos extended error and give me a whole list of memory address out002f 003d etc... so is that mean there's some problem with the computer?  If so, please inform me ASAP and I will goto dispute the charge for that computer.
pcchiuAuthor Commented:
For busuka,
the virus detection was disable
HD set on LBA
CPU is 2.5x66(for cyrix 200mx, cpu clock is only 166).
I'll post my config.sys and autoexec.bat later.
Pcchiu, if your getting Dos errors, than by all means contact the seller. If you can't boot Dos without a problem your sure won't do a Win95 build. What kind of Dos errors are you getting? It may be a configuration problem that we can check before you start raising hell with someone.
Ahhh, forgot their infamous PR-rating. Sure, 2.5x66. I'm afraid
that if you use 2x75 your IDE controller may go "shaky".
pcchiuAuthor Commented:
Problem resolved!  The problem seem cause by the large Hard Drive and need some special partition.  After I download a utility from the Hard Drive(quantum bigfoot).  Use the partition programs from the utility and it works now.  I like Cyrix if it works correctly!  Not only it's cheaper and the speed of the processor is much faster than a intel mmx on most software.  Now I got 35fps on full screen playback while intel only give 30-32fps on full screen playback...   Well,  thanks for the comments.
Well done Pcchiu, well done!
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