LDAP Solaris 2.51 and Win NT 4.0


Am looking for books on LDAP Solaris 2.51 and Win NT 4.0.
or can I get information of Installation of LDAP on Solaris
2.51 and Win NT4.0.


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eckspurtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You want LDAP server information, then?

The Netscape Directory Server has one of the better commercial LDAP implementations.  It's available for both Solaris and NT.  See http://merchant.netscape.com/netstore/servers/directory.html for more info.

As for books, if you want to build LDAP clients, try the MacMillan LDAP book by Tim Howes and Mark Smith (one or both of them are from the U of Michigan team that created LDAP and helped with the Netscape implementation).  You can get that from Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/Author=Howes%2C%20Tim/0557-6959329-031778

nishAuthor Commented:
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