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The clock on Windows95's taskbar shows the time in "h:mm PM" format.  Can this be changed to include seconds such as "h:mm:ss PM"?  Or are there any simple clock utilities for the task bar which can show seconds?  If so, what are they called, and where can I get them?  (I know I can use the Windows 3.1 clock.exe, but I'd rather have something which replaces the taskbar clock.)
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Try these websites for a variety of clock utilities...



xingerAuthor Commented:
I looked and downloaded a few programs, but didn't find what I wanted.  I would really like to have a clock which counts off the seconds in the system tray.  200 points to the person who can tell me exactly where to find one.
I don't post this as an answer, since I'm not sure if this is what you want. Have you tried clock102 at www.shareware.com? Just type it at the search-dialog and download. It's a small utility which can be adjusted like you want it. You can place it over the system-clock and it will remain there. If you have autohide turned on, it micht be better to find another suitable place, since it's not possible to let it react to hiding/showing the taskbar. Make the colors like your systems colors and the font like MS Sans Serif 8/10, and you have a perfectly small clock.
If this is what you wanted, say so and I post this again as an answer, if not, wait a while, I was just making something like that, but it has some delay.

Regards, Abel
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xingerAuthor Commented:
Abel,  Best thing I've seen so far: very acceptable.  Thanks!
Good enough as answer? 'Cause then I post again...
xingerAuthor Commented:
OK. I'll post again as soon as I have finished that small utilitie which sits on top of the taskbar clock and is much more customizable then the normal one.
Ok, for the ones who want to view this answer (and paid 20 points for it):
Search for clock102 at www.shareware.com and download it.


PS If I find something that's even more suitable, I'll let you know here. So keep your email notification on.

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