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Are there any program that Can I do a Thumbs Web Page, instead of opening all the graphics and change the resolution and put on the page.
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MaDdUCKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft Frontpage 98 can do so: Tools/Auto Thumbnail. I use it all the time and it works like a jiffy ;)
Claris Homepage too, I think.

Please feel free to ask further questions on how to create them.
I have not come across any program that does what you want entirely.
But I have in mind Photoshop and Debalizer.
They have certain actions or functions that can run a batch job on your selected
or set of graphics and convert them to the size or resolution you want.

Think you still have to manually put in the images into the web page after that.
manituAuthor Commented:
My idea is to do all the work in one program, I prefers the htm editor (anyone).
Not critizism, but tell me why I only got a 'B'?
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