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Playing MIDI Files with the Sound Blaster

I know this question is REALLY simple, if you have a link to a good web page...

I have been looking for days now, I have TRIED to get Allegro to work, but there are always problems with the zip, plus I have NO CLUE what djgpp or whatever the heck that language is called...

I just ask that someone would either:
1)  (Preferably) post the code to play MIDI files using PURE C AND ASSEMBLY or
2)  Give me the address of a web page that can do this.

Now, one thing is that I have about two days or less that I can spend figuring out how to work the code, so I need code that is simple, lots of sub-routines that take care of everything for me, and I need it within 7 to 9 days.

The time restraints are because I am using it in a school project.

Thanks a lot!

By the way, I would prefer a library of ONLY sound routines, but if I must you can also include some graphics routines, but I already have graphics routines and will not use any graphics routines I get from you or the sight you direct me to.
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EgoreAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I might 'cite' that you direct me to, not 'sight' that you direct me to...
Go here, you will find some very useful stuff


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Also, check out.
you 'll for sure find what you want
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EgoreAuthor Commented:
I'm going to bring some of these routines home and test them out.  If they work I'll give you a grade, otherwise I'll reject them, it might be up to 2 or 3 days until I can check them all.
No problem
EgoreAuthor Commented:
I found a MIDI player that worked...  It took me a LONG time because I have the Microsoft compiler which is not popular for C programming.  Everything was written for Borland, Watcom, Turbo, and other C compilers.  (Of course, Microsoft's compiler is VERY popular for C++ Windows programs :-)
To play midi you must know the Midi file format, and to use Sound Blaster you should know how to program on Sound card.
I suggest you go find some manual of sound card and Midi file format. I have ever found one but deleted accidentally, and can't get it anymore.
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