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I'm trying to create a front end to a Currency Converter website.  They suggest I can customer the Front and back end of there Conversion CGI program.  By front end, I mean use my own page colors and design.  The problem is, I'm not very familiar with the Header & Footer tags they sugesstion I use in the Form Post.

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Header" VALUE="HTML_Header_string">

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Footer" VALUE="HTML_Footer_string">

Is this simliar to the Include tag, where the Footer tag represents an HTML document?  The Currency site's URL is

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If i understand it correctly, this has nothing to do with any common protocol.

I mean, i guess "they" are just telling they have a CGI which accepts a couple of hidden fields to specify some HTML code to be put, respectively, as the header and as the footer of their result page.

So, basically, it seems that, while writing your front end form, you should add those hidden fields putting some personal HTML as the VALUE of them.

You could contact "them" and ask confirmation about this, and, also important, ask what you are allowed to put inside those VALUE attributes.
Sorry, i must be spleeping... i've just seen i've given a url to look at.

Yes, it's how i guessed: just put need HTML into the VALUE attributes, being carefull to respect a few syntax requirements:

1. use square brackets instead of angle brackets, i.e. "[" and "]" instead of "<" and ">";
2. for double quotes, use the sequence \DQ and use \SQ for the single quote character.

So, say you want to show a banner on top of your customized page; the usual HTML code could be something like:

<IMG SRC="">

to put it into the VALUE attribute you should write:

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Header"

I guess you now have it!

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d4jaj1Author Commented:
Thanks for the update, but now I'm kinda confused.  I have a website, complete with common backgrounds, button colors, etc. to give my users a familiar look throught the site.  Idealy I would like to display the results of their script "within" my existing site layout.  You answer is certainly correct, in that it answers my question, but I'll lose teh feel of my site if I can only link to graphics.  Can I show my page background behind the results and/or several pictures?
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Lets try to think of it this way (dispite of my English :)

the resulting web page is made up of three parts:

1. the header stuff you provide, or, if you dont, a default header provided by;
2. the actual results (i guess a table or such);
3. the footer stuff you provide, or, if you don't...

So, basically,  you do have great control on the look of the result page.
I.e., in my sample i showed how to put an image as header, but you could put many lines of HTML code there, maybe including a BODY tag with your own background, and so on.

I suggest you go with some tries to know what you are really allowed to do.
d4jaj1Author Commented:
I follow what you are saying, but I'm not sure if I'm writing teh tags correctly, thus I'm not sure I'm the feature isn't supported or if I'm just typing it wrong.  I can add

    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Footer" VALUE="I'm trying to create a front...">      OR  <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Header"

and an Image and Text appear at the top and bottom of the page.

I try;
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Header"
      VALUE="[<body bgcolor=\DQ#FF00FF\DQ> </body>]">
    <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="Header"
      VALUE="[<body background=\DQborder.gif\DQ> </body>]">

to set the page color or background.  If I'm typing this correctly, can I assume I can't do it?  If I'm not typing it correctly, what am I missing?

Thanks for all of your help.

Hmm... i can see a few problems with it:

1. you have to use "[]" INSTEAD of "<>", i.e. write "[]" where you'd usually write "<>";

2. you would never write a document like this:
  <BODY bgcolor="#FF00FF">  </BODY>  <-- here is theHeader you are sending!!!
  ... other stuff here ...
i.e., don't close the BODY tag: you are specifying a header!

3. you can put any HTML code you like as Header or Footer, except that i don't know if the BODY tag in particular is supported :(
To be sure, try this as Header and tell back what happens (posting the source of the result page would be of great help):

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="header"
  VALUE="[body bgcolor=\DQ#FF00FF\DQ]">


BTW, i'm glad to be of help, but this prolonged "support service" deserves some more points, doesn't it?

should be:

d4jaj1Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 50
d4jaj1Author Commented:
I fianlly figured out the syntax.  I was able to add a page background and additional graphics.  No problem with teh points, either.  Thanks again.
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