redirecting throwable.printStackTrace

I would like to re-direct the stack trace of an exception to a String (so that I can write it to a log file).
Ideally, I would like a PrintStream class that writes to a String buffer.
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If you look at  java.lang.trowable.printStackTrace docs, you will find an impementation for:

public void printStackTrace(PrintStream s)
Prints this Throwable and its backtrace to the  specified print stream.  

By using this method, you can create a PrintStream derived class that writes to any place you want (disk, printer, stdout, etc) and solve your problem. The trick is to use the throwable implementation.

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sprinkmeierAuthor Commented:
OK, I know hot to print the stack trace to a PrintStream, but how do I create a Printstream that outputs to a String buffer?

I know it's in the DOC's somewhere, and if I had them, I would not be asking this question.

ByteArrayOutputStream out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

PrintStream ps = new PrintStream(out);

// You now have a Print Stream that writes to a buffer array.


// Inside an exception handler you could now use:


String Buffer = ps.toString();

// Now you can use Buffer in whatever way you require.
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sprinkmeierAuthor Commented:

To Compile:
To Run:
  java  exc_2_string

class exc_2_string

  public static void main(String args[])
      System.out.println("Throwing a wobbly");
      // create and throw an exception
      Exception x = new Exception("ASDF");
    } catch (Exception x) {
      System.out.println("Exception caught");
      // Create a place to stick the data out = new;
/*          ps = new;

  PrintStream is replaced, use PrintWriter instead. Only differance
  seems to be that the PrintWriter must be flush()-ed before you
  examine the ByteArrayOutputStream (alternativley, create the
  PrintWriter with the boolean autoFlush set to reue, ie. pw = new, true);
      // create a stream to accept the data pw = new;
      // write to the stream
      // make sure the stream is flushed
      // copy the data from the storage object
      String buff = out.toString();
      // cleanup
      pw = null;
      out = null;
      // print it
      System.out.println("Via String: " + buff);

      System.out.println("Direct to System.out:");

Hum? What do you want me to do with this code ? :-)
sprinkmeierAuthor Commented:
Just thought I'd give value for money to anyone who buys this question later.

OH, Good Idea.
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