Printing from IExplorer 4.0

I would like to print a frame from IE 4.0 when user clicks the print button. How would I do this? Using a ActiveX component. If so - which one? If possible I'd like to do it without any programming. I've some code, but I don't know how to use it from IE.
void CAboutDlg::OnPrint()
            CWnd* pWnd = GetFocus ();

            m_ctlWebBrowser.SetFocus ();
            // send Ctrl-P
            keybd_event (VK_CONTROL, 0, 0, 0);
            keybd_event ('P', 0, 0, 0);

            // set focus to control that previously had focus
            if (pWnd);
                pWnd->SetFocus ();

Telling me how to use this code  would answer my question as well.
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Actually I have another solution.

Have a 'printer safe' version of your web page like what ( has.
Read one of their articles and you will see on the top right
they have a printer friendly link.
markojAuthor Commented:
As I can see, the printer friendly version of is just the version of the same text, designed it better looks when printed. But you still have to do printing via menus. I want to enable printing from my page itself. I want to have a big colorful button on it with "Print" written all over it. When the user will click it, I want the page to be printed without any questions.
with Netscape 4.x, you can use windowreference.print()
Maybe this works for IE4, as well
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The given code is part of a C++ Class, and it does the following three steps:

1. Remember where the windows caret is active before hitting Ctrl-P.
2. Send a CTRL-P keyboard event, which should be handled else where.
3. Reset the Windows Caret to it's previously active control

In many Windows applications, the Ctrl-P is a shortcut for Print, so hitting Ctrl-P is the best answer to your question.

Christian Wenz is right about the Netscape 4.0, but this is vendor dependent. There's no standard for doing the trick you want.
markojAuthor Commented:
I sure understand what the code above does. With the print button I mean a GIF on the page.
At this point I simply use the ActiveX IE component to perform the task.
There really isin't a great way to print from the web. The closest thing I have seen so far is using Crystal Report's control to print a "report", which is basically a well structured page, with line breaks, page breaks, headers, footers, etc.

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This will work from IE 4.0  (I've tested it)
Basically, it uses VBscript to access the IE 4 object  and send it a command to print.

IE 3.0 is a bit different.  Do you by any chance know how to do it in IE 3.0?  

<script LANGUAGE="VBScript">
sub Print
end sub

<object ID="WebBrowser1" WIDTH="0" HEIGHT="0"



<p><script LANGUAGE="VBScript">
Sub PrintMe_Click()
call Print()
end sub
    </script> </p>

  <!--webbot bot="SaveResults" startspan U-File="_private/form_results.txt"
  S-Format="TEXT/CSV" S-Label-Fields="TRUE" --><!--webbot bot="SaveResults" endspan --><p><input
  LANGUAGE="VBScript" TYPE="button" VALUE="PrintMe" ONCLICK="call Print()" NAME="btnPrint"> </p>
markojAuthor Commented:
That's the solution I've already used.
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