How to call NWGetFileServerDateAndTime from nwcalls.dll

I know how to call a function from a DLL, what I dont know
are the parameters for this call

function NWGetFileServerDateAndTime(var ???): ???;
           far; external 'NWCALLS';

I think the unit CALSRV16.PAS should have a complete
declaration, but I didnt find this file (it must be in
the Netware SDK - 37 MB thats a little bit too much for me).

At is the
documentation for the sdk (if I try to get some info about
the function, I receive a "500 Server Error" :-( )

anyone with more luck ???
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Try This GetDateTime (year,month,day,hour,minute,second,day_of_week:integer);

egonoAuthor Commented:
Hi Waldek,

I'd like to have the time from the server, not from the WS.
egonoAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
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Do you have a C-header file for that library ? We could translate the function call from C to Delphi.
egonoAuthor Commented:
Hi d003303

no I have nothing, just the DLL. But there must be some
header files in the Netware SDK (and some Delphi units too)
If you have a fast connection you can download 37 MB from
the novell server.
OK, I take a look at it.
Are you using Delphi 1 (because of the unit CALSRV16.PAS) ?
here is the correct declaration for 16 and 32 bit.

  nuint         = Cardinal;
  nuint8        = Byte;
  pnuint8       = ^nuint8;
  NWCONN_HANDLE = nuint;
  NWCCODE       = nuint;

Function NWGetFileServerDateAndTime
   conn : NWCONN_HANDLE;
   dateTimeBuffer : pnuint8

function NWGetFileServerDateAndTime; external 'CALWIN16.DLL' index 116;
function NWGetFileServerDateAndTime; StdCall; external 'CALWIN32.DLL' index 116;

if you want the Delphi-Includes of the SDK, I can mail them to you.


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egonoAuthor Commented:
Hi Slash,

I'm using Delphi 3. If you mail me the Delphi includes I
would be very happy (and you will get a A Grade).

Please mail not to my home adress, mail to

many thx ...

egonoAuthor Commented:
OK ! thx again ...

it seems to me that I need also the dll's cause I have only
the nwcalls.dll. Do you think it's possible that you mail me
these files also ???

I've sent them to you. Please review the license agreement on the novell site for redistribution of binaries from the SDK.

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