Slow print speed on LaserWriter 360

My LaserWriter 360 with 16 Megs of Ram takes two (2) hours to print a 16 page Quark file from my PowerMac 4400. (lots of photos) At the office on a HP LaserJet 4V it only takes 5 minutes. Any Ideas on how to speed up the LaserWriter
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What resolution are you printing at?
How much faster will it print if you drop the resolution to 300dpi?

Your printer takes so long to print because Postscript is a VERY complex language.
If you wanted to print "This is a test", it will send 9 pages of postscript code to the printer, whereas the HP printer uses PCL language which is a much more simple command language.

The processing requirements of Postscript is much higer in order to give the higher print quality output.

If you were to re-direct the print output to a file, using PCL (HP printer) a 100k file will turn into a 250k print file, whereas a 100k file will turn into 1.5 to 2 megs of printer postscript code.

Basically, there is a lot more overhead to print postscript, because it has better print output.

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dtaylor031398Author Commented:
Thanks very much for your fast and informative reply.

We have to print at 600dpi. I was hoping that upgrading from 4 to 16megs of RAM in the printer would increase the speed, but it didn't. So, are you saying that there is no way to increase speed?
What communication interface are you using with that printer?
Parallel, Serial, AppleTalk?

If serial, what tx/rx speed?

Have you done a print-to-disk, just to see how large the file is once the job is processed?  You can then send the print to disk to the printer directly.

*IF* you were to print at 300 dpi, will it print faster?

Does your printer recognise the additional ram you have installed?

Lemmee know..
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How's it going?  Did you get busy?
dtaylor031398Author Commented:
Yes, very busy thank you. Now here it is. The info you asked for.

I use AppleTalk, my local dealer/"expert" says that it's the fastest. Do you think another interface might be faster? I'm not sure what tx/rx speed would be.

I saved to disk and my 5.1 megs became 62.1, also, interestingly enough, it took almost an hour to save and that at 200 MHz.

When I print at 300 dpi it is about twice as fast.

My print moniter says the printer is configured with 16 megs. I had a problem with my first SIMM upgrade and returned it for my present one. The first one acted quirky but still said it had 16 megs of memory.

It is looking like I need to go to an HP Laserjet printer to get these larg projects to print in a timely manner. The HP says it's a postscript printer but does the job in 20 minutes instead of 2 hours.

Thanks again for all of your interest and help. You are the best!

Don Taylor
Laura Lind Design
How fast will it print if you send the print file to the printer?
Can you print out a self test page from this printer that displays the amount of memory?
Is the printer *actually* recognizing the extra memory?

dtaylor031398Author Commented:
I sent the saved postscript file to print and it took just as much time. The first page says I have 16 megs of RAM. How do I know if it's usable?
If it display's it, it is usable.

Unfortunately, your're not going to be able to speed that printer up any more than you have.  It has a slow processor.

dtaylor031398Author Commented:
Thank you VERY MUCH I got a lot more help than I ever expected.
You bet.
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