Question For JimBob

Hi there,

i paid 20 of my points to look at an answer you gave to the question on "Hotkeys".

but unfortunately you have sent the answer by email to the original poster & i didn't get any info.
i am wondering whether you would be willing to give the answer again (for another 50 pts :-)
[in case you need to send an email send it to]

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I have mailed you the sample app, but you needn't have worried about the points.

ahalyaAuthor Commented:
Thx a lot for your mail.

However, what'll happen if i'm playing a "DOS game" when my boss comes around :-)

Ok,  my question is:
KBHooks  seem to work only for win applications.  How can i go about catching the keystrokes when a "DOS" session is active ?

Awarding points is to say thank you. please even if you don't have comment about my above DOS dilemma, please hit answer with a blank. i just want to award you your grade !

Thx again.

I'm afraid that I don't know how to trap keys when in DOS.  Keyhooks are only for Windows (or a DOS window), but not DOS in full-screen mode.


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ahalyaAuthor Commented:

oops, i didn't explain myself clearly.

i wanted to how to trap keys from a "DOS Window" in Win95.
Your sample program works ONLY when the active window is not a "DOS window".
When i have a DOS window active pressing the Hotkeys doesn't do anything.

Hotkey isn't working for me regardless of whether it's DOS full screen or DOS Window.

Thx anyway,

regarding capturing keys DOS (is it still alive :-), i have done it in the past. You write a TSR and hook KBIntVec using the SetInterruptVector  function in TP7.  Unlike its' windoze counterpart, that "really" captures the KB.


I see.  I thought the hook would trap keys in a DOS "Window" because Explorer shortcuts work from a DOS Window.  I have a shortcut to my screensaver (Ctrl+Alt+S) which does work from a DOS "Window."  I didn't try it with SetWindowsHookEx...  ;-)

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