Needed: GOOD db-grid

Hello dear experts,

I want to purchase a grid that has a lot of good functions and behaves good, not as the grid that comes with VB5.

If you use or know of any please let me know!

Big thanks in advance!


Kind regards,
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Have a look at True DBGrid by APEX. For information about it and a demo go to

Here are some information  about some commercial dbgrid control. Hope they help. I like the TrueGridPro.
They have a free demo you can download.
Good luck .


True DB Grid Pro 5.0:

TrueGrid Pro:

Here are it's discription TrueGrid Pro

               TrueGrid Pro, a data-aware grid control for Visual Basic, enables application developers to quickly create in-cell editable and fully
               configurable database browse tables without writing code. It supports all database formats recognized by Visual Basic and data tables of
               any size. With its built-in WYSIWYG layout environment, developers can change the grid appearance visually and interactively at design

               TrueGrid Pro offers programmers, developers, and end-users the most powerful and flexible data-aware grid control on the market. An
               intuitive data-aware OLE control, TrueGrid Pro is designed to integrate seamlessly into Visual Basic applications. TrueGrid Pro's flexible
               data-handling capabilities allow viewing and editing of table data in either bound or unbound mode.


               Standard Edition Features 100% compatible with TrueGrid Standard. No need to rewrite any of your applications.

               Splits Splits a grid into any number of independent grids. The splits can scroll simultaneously or independently, or be locked from scrolling.
               An Excel-like split bar allows end-users to create splits interactively. Programmer can decide how much interactivity control the end-users

               Per-Cell Color and Font Control the color and fonts style of each individual style based on cell contents and cell status. If cell contents or
               status are updated, the color and font will be adjusted automatically.

               Multi-Line Row and Heading Heading and row heights are independently controlled.

               DropDown Text Edit A multi-line text control will dropdown automatically when editing large data.

               Attached Combo or List BoxAttach a combo or list box, or even any Visual Basic controls to a cell.

               Indentation Control per-cell text indentation, ideal for building outlines and subtitles in a grid column.

               Calculated Columns Create columns to display calculated expressions simply by entering a Visual Basic expression in a Column
               Expression property. No code required. Constants (eg: null, True, False), operators, field names, functions (37 VB functions are supported),
               and even other calculated columns are supported. TrueGrid Pro automatically resolves all dependencies and calculation orders.

               Cross-Form Binding TrueGrid Pro can be bound to a Visual Basic Data Control in another form.

               Improved Layout Editor Allows programmers to visually and interactively configure various column and split properties. Features such as
               locked columns are automated.

               In-Cell Graphic You can display graphical images in a cell, not just textual information.

               In-Cell Check Box and Radio-Button For easy data inspection; eliminate end-user typing and error.

               Complete Programmer Control Programmer can override all default and inherited data and attributes and dictate what data, color, and
               font styles and grid displays in a cell using the UnboundFetch and FetchAttribute events.

               Bound (Database-Aware) Combo and List Boxes, and Radio Button Free with the purchase of TrueGrid Pro.

               Editing and Data Validation In-cell editing with automatic update and data validation events.

               Configurability Most properties are configurable at both design time and by code. In addition, splits column width and column order are
               configurable interactively by end-users at run time.

               Tab and Arrow keys Complete control of the use of the tab and arrow keys to navigate through the cells of the grid or to move focus to
               another control.

               AddNew Allow end-users to enter a new record at the bottom of the grid with automatic update and error trapping.

               Select and Mark Select and mark non-contiguous records by mouse clicks, or by code.

               Callback TrueGrid can be used with data managed by programmers: It doesn't have to be bound to a data control.
               EditMask The EditMask property fully supports the Visual Basic format$ string.

               Value List Values from bound or calculated columns can be translated to any textual strings or pictures for display purposes. For Example,
               (0,1) may be displayed as (Yes, No), country names may be displayed as bitmaps of their respective flags. Value lists can be defined at
               design time using the Layout Editor-no code necessary!

               Column Sums Built-in properties to calculate and maintain column summaries such as column sum. An event will be fired when the column
               sum changes.

               Click here to download a copy of TruGrid Pro Demo  (DEMO.ZIP 400K)

               List Price...$149.00 +Shipping
               VB Online Price...$139.00 +Shipping

               Item Number AP002

               Order toll-free in the US at... 1-800-780-7645.
               or email orders to  
MatveyAuthor Commented:
Hi there!

I looked at the True DBGrid by APEX. It's quite good and looks impressive, but I should still test it's events ant properties to make sure that it's not same old qarbage as the grid that comes with VB in origin.


I also vsited the site of the other grid - Dalin's comment. The only thing I found for download was something about 7-8 MB. Is there something smaller out there?
Dalin, can you tell me more about the other grid? (not APEX)

Thanks again!
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I use Sheridan dbGrid...

you will find it at

free demo version is there which you can download...



I made a small survey about that subject beacuse we are buying this kind of grid in our company. Our request was for a grid that comes with the source code.
So this is what we have found:

1.Ultimate Grid 97 ActiveX (probably the one that we will buy, LOTS of features) at
2.GridWiz at
3.Objective Grid CCE at

There are also the ones without source code by apex (, XGrid at, spread 2.5 (a very good one, too) at, dbcomplete at, Data widgets 2.0 at

I'm sure one of them will be the one you need.

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MatveyAuthor Commented:
Hi yronnen!

That's really big variety of grids!!! I'll need SOME time to try them...
What do you mean grids with sources -really? What language are the sources?

Thanks alot!
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