Hide or disable a directory??

Is there any way to hide or disable a directory?  I need it for my security system.

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abelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lookup this key:

Create the following value

Create the following key:

Create values as follows:

Every value should have made of a subsequent number, starting from 1.
Every value is an application which you allow to run. If you want to restrict access this way, you start restricting access on every file and every value you add contains a filename which is allowed to be run.

It would be fairly easy making a program looking up all the exe, bat and com-files on your system and from that list, you only have to exclude some files (like command.com, explorer.exe and winfile.exe).
The restriction is quite good. Even if you allow starting a DOS-prompt, the user will not be allowed starting explorer.exe from DOS using "start explorer.exe" when the explorer is excluded in the list.

I hope this helps you out.
I was thinking on a way to only eliminate certain files and not all of them at once, but that possibility is only available in WinNT.

If you want to automate some tasks, you may want to make a .reg file. Doubleclicking it will store the registry key/values in the registry, or delete the values.

BTW RestrictRun=1 can be deleted and the key RestrictRun can remain. That way you can easlily switch this restriction on and off. Completing the list will only have to be done once.

Regards, Abel

PS. If you've found poledit.exe, use it. It's easier to restrict access using that tool, and you'll find some other possible restrictions as well.
You could just set the Hidden attribute....
stevenc317Author Commented:
but then windows says that there is a hidden item...  well yeah that would work, but then how do I disable the View --> Options --> View tab??  Is it a reg key?
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There's no registry key for restricting access to setting those attributes. But you can restrict access for explorer.exe. And what about DOS? But you can forbid access to DOS as well. And WinFile.exe? and so on.
If you would like to really restrict access to a directory you might think of something like the Temporary Internet Files folder. People only see what you want them to see. but that's advanced programming. (compare to DOS and you understand what I mean, besides, there are more folders like that).
stevenc317Author Commented:
well how do I disable winfile.exe and explorer.exe?
try poledit.exe, you'll find it on your win95 cdrom.
I can also tell you how to do it via the registry, but that's too much for 15 pts. You know, 50 pts is "easy", so what's your q.
stevenc317Author Commented:
how do i do it?
stevenc317Author Commented:
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