Background Bitmap in CMDIFrameWnd

How do I display a bitmap, or pattern in the frame window of an MDI application? I would like to display a logo etc when no Child windows are open.
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            CBitmapClient m_wndClient;
         //OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
            TRACE("Failed Load BitMap");
            return -1;

//CBitmapClient Haeder File
// BitmapClient.h : header file

// CBitmapClient window
class CBitmapClient : public CWnd
// Construction

// Attributes

// Operations

// Overrides
      // ClassWizard generated virtual function overrides

// Implementation
      virtual ~CBitmapClient();

      // Generated message map functions
      afx_msg void OnSize(UINT nType, int cx, int cy);
      afx_msg BOOL OnEraseBkgnd(CDC* pDC);
      afx_msg void OnMouseMove(UINT nFlags, CPoint point);
      afx_msg void OnLButtonUp(UINT nFlags, CPoint point);


// BitmapClient.cpp : implementation file

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "ViewG.h"
#include "BitmapClient.h"

#ifdef _DEBUG
#define new DEBUG_NEW
#undef THIS_FILE
static char THIS_FILE[] = __FILE__;

// CBitmapClient




// CBitmapClient message handlers

void CBitmapClient::OnSize(UINT nType, int cx, int cy)
      CWnd::OnSize(nType, cx, cy);
      RedrawWindow(NULL, NULL,
      return ;  

BOOL CBitmapClient::OnEraseBkgnd(CDC* pDC)
         //Here BitMap File Load
   return TRUE;

void CBitmapClient::OnMouseMove(UINT nFlags, CPoint point)
      // TODO: Add your message handler code here and/or call default
      CWnd::OnMouseMove(nFlags, point);

void CBitmapClient::OnLButtonUp(UINT nFlags, CPoint point)
      // TODO: Add your message handler code here and/or call default
      CWnd::OnLButtonUp(nFlags, point);


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