ICQ98 crash

everytime i start icq98 it gives me a "program has performed an illegal opteration..."

ICQ caused an invalid page fault in
module ICQ.EXE at 0137:0045a9de.
EAX=00894d90 CS=0137 EIP=0045a9de EFLGS=00010206
EBX=ffffffff SS=013f ESP=0076f564 EBP=0076f5d4
ECX=00000068 DS=013f ESI=00000068 FS=10bf
EDX=0000006e ES=013f EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8b 46 04 3b 46 08 75 07 6a ff e8 d7 67 00 00 8b
Stack dump:
00894d90 004604b3 00894d90 00000000 00780078 00445ec5 00894d80 0076f5e0 00008650 0076f62c 00000000 00000000 ffffffff 5f401018 5f401018 00000001

whatever all that means...
i have tried reinstalling icq and have tried downloading a new copy and installing it.

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htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
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Please don't accept or grade until you problem is solved.
You're under no time limit or restrictions.

See that all this is in place.
let me know if it is or is not.
File 'C:\Windows\Powerpnt.ini' updated.
File 'C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Mirabilis ICQ\ICQ Help.lnk'
File 'C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Mirabilis ICQ\ICQ NetDetect Agent.lnk'
File 'C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Mirabilis ICQ\ICQ.lnk'
File 'C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Mirabilis ICQ\Licensee Agreement.lnk'
File 'C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Mirabilis ICQ\Uninstall ICQ.lnk'
File 'C:\Windows\System\ICQWSock16.dll'
File 'C:\Windows\System\Mapi.dll'
File 'C:\Windows\System\Mapi32.dll'
File 'C:\Windows\Unwise.exe'
File 'C:\Windows\Wavemix.ini' updated.
Registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ICQ'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mirabilis'
Registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mirabilis'
Registry key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.uin'
Registry key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/x-icq'
Registry key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\icquser'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\ICQ'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQChat'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQFile'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQURL'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQSystem'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQMessage'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQNotify'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQPIN'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQExternal'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQOnline'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQStartup'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQChatPage'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\EventLabels\ICQEMail'
Registry key 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\ICQ.exe'
Registry key 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run'
htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
everything you listed is there, except for:
File 'C:\Windows\System\Mapi.dll'
(Mapi32.dll is there though)

Cloud Class® Course: MCSA MCSE Windows Server 2012

This course teaches how to install and configure Windows Server 2012 R2.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

Extract "Mapi.dll"
Here's how.
To extract from CD,
1st Change Directories to the X:\WIN95> prompt, where X is your
CD-ROM's drive letter. Then type the following: Note that this is an example.
EXTRACT /A /L C:\Windows\System WIN95_02.CAB MAPI.DLL
/A tells your computer to start looking for file at the beginning; WIN95_02.CAB
/L tells it what location you want the file to go.

You can substitute WIN95_02.CAB with PRECOPY1.CAB.
I always send my extracted files to a directory I created called C:\INSTALL.
So the above line:
EXTRACT /A /L C:\Windows\System WIN95_02.CAB [filename]
would read EXTRACT /A /L C:\INSTALL WIN95_02.CAB [filename]

Your syntax would be
X:\win95>EXTRACT /A /L C:\Windows\System WIN95_02.CAB MAPI.DLL

Let me know how it goes.
htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
the file extracted ok, but it didn't fix it.

htmlGuy, there are two basic causes for an invalid page fault in the Windows 95 environment:
1. Something unexpected has happened within the Windows environment, typically an improper memory address. For example, an application or a Windows component might read or write to a memory location that has not been allocated to it (memory that it does not own), potentially overwriting and corrupting other program code in that area of memory.
2. Parameters that are not valid have been passed between applications and the Windows environment. Invalid parameters can cause invalid instructions to be executed, resulting in page faults. This is usually the result of the application's internal program code incorrectly passing specific data that could not be correctly interpreted by Windows or a Windows-based application.
Because these causes are general, you may need to try several
troubleshooting steps to find the specific cause of an invalid page fault. You can begin by investigating the following
application-related problems:
 - A confirmed bug in ICQ
 - A damaged database
 - A fragmented database
 - A corrupted database
 - Incorrect Registry settings
 - Mismatched dynamic link libraries (.DLLs)
If you determine that the cause is none of these, you can investigate the following system-related problems:
 - A memory conflict
 - A Temp folder (directory) problem
 - A video driver and settings problem
 - A printer driver and settings problem
 - Incorrect virtual memory settings
 - Incorrect file-system settings
 - Hard disk fragmentation or errors

Which version exactly do you have. Also, do you use IE 4.0 or 4.01, Netmeeting or similar programs like them. What do you use for a disk utility and/or anti-virus?
Glad to see you Dennis.

htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
could you explain how i see if its
- A confirmed bug in ICQ
- A damaged database
- A fragmented database
- A corrupted database
- Incorrect Registry settings
- Mismatched dynamic link libraries (.DLLs)

as far as internet explorer, i have 4.0, but i don't use it (it recently got messed up after i accidently installed ie 3.0),
i use netscape 4.04,
i have netmeeting installed but i have never used it, and
i have mcafee virus scan

have you tried the ICQ tech forum.
Thje ICQ newgroups at

I'm going to post your problem there. and look to see if there are any other fixes.
ICQ, as does Netscape, relies on the Winsock provided by Win95 including any updates that may have been added via the IE 4.0 install and the aborted IE 3.cc install. I would try and straighten either of those out and then try to reload ICQ98. Specifically, I would remove IE 3.xx, then IE 4.xx using Microsoft's posted method for doing so, reload IE 4.0, then logon to their site and load 4.01 and then fix ICQ. It sounds like alot of work, but it's not really. Your system will hum when it's done.
htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
ok, then maybe you could help me get rid of ie3 and ie4?
what is Microsoft's posted method?

Okay, use the following steps to remove Internet Explorer 3.0:
1. Download a copy of the released version of Internet Explorer 3.0 from
   the following World Wide Web site. Make sure to save the file to your
   hard disk when you are prompted:
2. Uninstall Internet Explorer 3.0. To do so, follow these steps:
    a. Click the Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control
    b. In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.
    c. In the list of installed programs, click Internet Explorer 3.0.
    d. Click Add/Remove.
    e. Click Yes.
3. Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to remove the Microsoft Internet
   and Windows\Temporary Internet Files folders. To do so, select the
   folders one at a time, and then on the File menu, click Delete.

Removing IE 4.0 is a little more complicated especially since I don't know what's left on the system. You'll have to work your way through the procedure though to make sure it's all gone.

Here's the entire blurb from MS.

There are some configurations in which uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.0
does not work. Uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.0 is not supported in the
following situations:
 - Internet Explorer 4.0 is installed in multiple operating system
   installations (Windows 95, Windows 95 OEM Service Release 2, or Windows
   NT 4.0) on the same logical hard disk. If you need to run Internet
   Explorer 4.0 in multiple operating systems, you must install each
   operating system on a separate logical drive.
 - You have removed the Internet Explorer 4.0 backup files. If you removed
   the backup files, you are unable to uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0
   without reinstalling Windows into a different folder. For additional
   information, please see the following article in the Microsoft
   Knowledge Base:
      ARTICLE-ID: Q172919
      TITLE     : Uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0 Option Is Missing
Before you uninstall Internet Explorer, quit all running programs. For
information about problems that can occur if you do not quit all running
programs before uninstalling Internet Explorer, please see the following
article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
   ARTICLE-ID: Q165646
   TITLE     : Program Settings Lost After Internet Explorer Setup or
To uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0 in Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0,
follow these steps:
NOTE: You must have administrative privileges to install and
uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0 on Windows NT. This includes having
administrative privileges the first time you start your computer after
you install or uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0.
1. In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs, and then click the
   Install/Uninstall tab.
2. In the list of installed programs, click Microsoft Internet Explorer
   4.0, and then click Add/Remove.
3. In the Internet Explorer 4.0 Active Setup dialog box, click "Uninstall
   Internet Explorer 4.0 and all its components," and then click Advanced
   to specify any additional components you want to remove.
4. Click OK.
5. When Setup starts in Maintenance mode, click Remove All.
   If there are any files in the Recycle Bin, you receive the following
      Internet Explorer 4.0 has modified the format of the
      Recycle Bin.
      If you want to keep any of the items currently in the
      Recycle Bin, open the Recycle Bin and move the items
      to a different location.
      To permanently delete all items from the Recycle Bin
      and continue, click OK.
   Click OK after checking that there are no files in the Recycle Bin
   that you want to restore.
Known Issues with Uninstalling
 - Office 97 files may be removed after you uninstall Internet Explorer
   4.0. This problem only occurs if you install Internet Explorer 4.0
   before you install Microsoft Office 97, and then uninstall Internet
   Explorer 4.0.
   For additional information, please see the following article in the
   Microsoft Knowledge Base:
      ARTICLE-ID: Q174431
      TITLE     : OFF97: Problems Occur After Removing MS Internet
                  Explorer 4.0
 - When you uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0, some user settings are
   returned to operating system defaults. For additional information about
   this problem, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge
      ARTICLE-ID: Q173921
      TITLE     : Uninstalling Internet Explorer Restores Default Settings
 - You cannot uninstall Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 after uninstalling
   Internet Explorer 4.0. Using the Remove All option in Microsoft Plus!
   Maintenance-mode Setup results in the following error message:
      Custom Action Error"  The system cannot find the specified file.
   For additional information about uninstalling Microsoft Plus!, see the
   following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
      ARTICLE-ID: Q165623
      TITLE     : Cannot Remove Microsoft Plus! After Installing Internet
 - When you uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0, any certificates obtained
   after you installed Internet Explorer 4.0 are removed. Certificates
   obtained prior to installing Internet Explorer 4.0 are not removed. For
   additional information, please see the following article in the
   Microsoft Knowledge Base:
      ARTICLE-ID: Q174920
      TITLE     : Uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.0 Removes Certificates
 - Some registry entries and files remain on your computer.
 - All components may not be uninstalled. You can uninstall individual
   components by clicking Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel, clicking
   the program in the list of installed programs, and then clicking
 - If you install Internet Explorer 4.0, install a program, and then
   uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0, some programs may not work properly.
   After uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.0, if a program does not work
   properly, reinstall the program.
 - If you uninstall Internet Explorer 4.0, Internet icons may remain in
   other programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. If you click
   these icons, nothing happens because no browser is installed.
General Troubleshooting
If Maintenance-mode Setup does not work or you cannot run Setup, try one
of the following methods:
 - In Windows 95, try restarting your computer in Safe mode, and then use
   the Add/Remove Programs tool in Control Panel to uninstall Internet
   Explorer 4.0. To restart the computer in Safe mode, click Start, click
   Shut Down, click Restart The Computer, and then click Yes. When you see
   the "Starting Windows 95" message, press the F8 key, and then choose
   Safe Mode from the Startup menu.
 - Reinstall Internet Explorer 4.0, and then uninstall it.
 - In Windows 95, restore a registry created before installing Internet
   Explorer 4.0, and then use the Ieremove tool to restore your shell
   files. For more information, see the following article in the Microsoft
   Knowledge Base:
      ARTICLE-ID: Q166313
      TITLE     : Removing Internet Explorer 4.0 for Windows 95 Using
 - In Windows NT, use an ERD created before installing Internet
   Explorer 4.0 to replace necessary system files, and then run the
   Ieremove tool to restore previous shell components. For more
   information, see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge
      ARTICLE-ID: Q166314
      TITLE     : Removing Internet Explorer for Windows NT 4.0 Using
 - Reinstall your operating system and previous browser in a "clean"
   folder, or restore from a complete system backup made before
   installing Internet Explorer 4.0.

htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
now im really confused

what if i just deleted all the files from ie 3 and ie 4 and extracted any files they modified off the windows cd?

First, remove ICQ, and remove from the mirabilis and/or ICQ registry keys listed in smeebud's answer above. Then follow the steps below.

Before removing IE4, of course, find the CD with IE4 on it.  If you don't have a CD, look on the hard drive for the folder
"c:\IE4.0 Setup Files".  If you have neither of these, download IE4 from the Microsoft site, and choose the 'download only' option. This will save the files into "c:\IE4.0 Setup Files".

Once that's done, basically, it's this - remove IE4 from the add/remove programs from the control panel...make sure it is selected to 'uninstall internet explorer and all components'.  This process will remove it and reboot the system.  Afterwards, rename or remove the folder
"c:\program files\internet explorer".  If you'd installed 4.0 while 3.0 was still on the system, the uninstall will restore 3.0 to your system.

If 3.0 is back on your system once 4 is removed, uninstall 3.0 through add/remove programs, then rename/remove the folder
"c:\program files\microsoft internet".  Reboot the computer, then reinstall IE4 from CD, or the setup files stored on the hard drive.  Once this is reinstalled, you may want to check out Dial Up Networking, in case one of the files for that are causing trouble...if you're not connected to a LAN, then go into network properties from control panel .. remove tcp/ip, then dial up adapter (it does work better in that order at times), and click OK ... click NO to reboot...go back to add/remove programs, on the windows setup tab...double click communications, and remove dial up networking.  before reboot, rename wsock.vxd, splitter.vxd, pppmac.vxd, and winsock.dll (most are in windows/system, winsock is in c:\windows)...reinstall dual up networking, then try reinstalling ICQ.

Doing it this way will basically cover any files used in your internet connection, and files for IE as well.  Hope it helps!
well, ive got icq working, but the only problem now is getting rid of ie 3
the way i did it was to get rid of ie 4 (as dennis said), but heres what i did:
in add/remove programs it would not unistall
i went to c:\program files\internet explorer\setup\setup.exe and it removed ie 4 and fixed ie 3
so now icq works, but ie 3 is my default browser :(
i want my netscape 4 to be my default browser.
also ie 3 is not on the unistall list in add/remove programs

so how do i make netscape the default browser?

also, i think dennis should get the points becuase
"ICQ, as does Netscape, relies on the Winsock provided by Win95 including any updates that may have been added via the IE 4.0 install and the aborted IE 3.cc install. I would try and straighten either of those out and then try to reload ICQ98."

htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
dew_associates - it actually does work that way...I've done it myself, and got that information from a friend of mine who works in IE support for Microsoft.  Basically what you've listed above is the same thing I said..but I added renaming/removing the IE folders afterwards.
HtmlGuy, Install IE 3.xx completely and then uninstall it and it will be gone. You might want to take a real hard look at 4.01 before you decide on whether or not to keep netscape or not. I was reluctant to change, but after I did, I'm glad I did.
Please respondto this message fro ICQ tech. I posted your question.
X-Sender: v18780@pop.netaddress.com
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 01:14:40 +0800
To: smeebud@gte.net
From: "Dj." <v18780@usa.net>
Subject: Re: Crashes

probably there is the other simmilar displayed Windows message which comes
imidiately after the first one. Registers: EAX=0089..etc... are absolutely
not important in this case, but the MOST IMPORTANT IS: "caused an invalid
page fault in module ICQ.EXE at..." etc...
In the first message ICQ.EXE is mentioned, but what's in the second Windows
message ? We NEED to know it. It is probably  some .DLL file and the most
possible MFC42.DLL or MFC40.DLL.
If this is the case, than I know how to solve the problem, you should
change the version of .Dll file to newer one. But if some other file is
mentioned as per.example KERNEL32.DLL, than there is something wrong with
your system, not related to ICQ at all, but causes crashes of ICQ.

Please respond to this message and supply more informations as how long you
are using ICQ, what operating system you are running(Windows3.11, Windows95
?) , and when you have downloaded the ICQ program you are currently using.
A year   ago ?

Only than someone will be able to give you appropriate help.

PS. ICQ pager is for very short messages only, it will not tranfer more
than 450 characters including spaces and all punctuations. Please use my
e-mail address the next time.
The text bellow is all I received.
On 20.03.1998  Bud Allen <smeebud@gte.net> wrote:

>When ever I try to launch ICQ98, it gives me a "program has performed an
>illegal opteration..."

>ICQ caused an invalid page fault in
>module ICQ.EXE at 0137:0045a9de.
>EAX=00894d90 CS=0137 EIP=0045a9de EFLGS=00010206
>EBX=ffffffff SS=013f ESP=0076f564 EBP=0076f5d4
>ECX=00000068 DS=013f ESI=00000068 FS=10bf
>EDX=0000006e ES=013f EDIÐhçC

bud: the problem is fixed (i just had to install ie 4 and then uninstall it). thanks for posting my question though. also, there were no other messages after that one.

the ie 3 that is there now was installed off of windows 95 cd, i tried reinstalling it off the windows 95 cd, but i still don't know how to get rid of it.

htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
HtmlGuy, you stated that you felt the points should come to me, but when I posted an answer, you rejected it?????

In any event, you cannot completely remove IE 3.xx as some components are required by the system. There's a couple of articles that speak to the issue at the windows 95 magazine site, www.winmag.com.

You should now be able to start Netscape and make it your default browser.

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htmlGuyAuthor Commented:
If you need more regarding this problem, post it here, especially if there's still some final tweaking to be done!
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