System hook out of my aplication

How can i make a system hook to see what´s hapenig out of
my aplication???

I need some codes...
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What kind of hooks are you looking for?  Key hooks?  Mouse hooks?  WndProc hooks?
If you provide your e-mail address, I will mail you a sample using key hooks.

From your question, i suppose that you know how to make hook for your application.
So as the last parameters of the call to SetWindowsHookEx, don't put the thread handle but put 0 instead. The same hook as the one you did use for your application will become enable to all the system

kort77Author Commented:
I need hook for the peripherics of the PC (Mouse, Keys, etc.), Open and close aplications and other basic operations.
I need some codes to guide my developing...

Thanks for your time!!!

- -
to install the hook for the keyboard :
myhook:=setwindowshookex(wh_keyboard, @clavier_hook_msg, system.hInstance, 0);

where clavier_hook_msg is a callback procedure defined as follow :
function clavier_hook_msg(code: Integer; wparam: Word; lparam: Longint): longint;      stdcall;
  if (code<0) then
    result:=callnexthookex(clavier_crochet, Code, wparam, lparam)
    result:=0; {continue the message to other hook/windows <>0 stop the message}

wparam will containt the virtual key code of the pressed key and iparam some information about keyboard status

and finally to iuninstall the hook :


PS : if you want more information contact me at

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