Adaptec SCSI suport

I want to install Slackware LINUX from my CD-ROM which is connected to an Adaptec AVA-1505 controller.  There is no bootdisk in the bootdisks.144 directory for this controller, how can I get it to recognise the AVA-1505?  I have tried the AHA- series of bootdisks with no success.
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If you can't find any bootdisk for your adapter, Make a DOS partition that is big enough to hold the disk sets you want to install. Boot DOS, copy the files you need from the CD to the harddrive and reboot. Install Linux on the space you have left on the drive. The DOS partiton can be changed to type 83 (linux native) afterwards, and mounted under /usr, /home or whatever. I'ts good practice to devide your installation over several partitions anyway. If you have Linux installed, you can compile any drivers you want into the kernel.



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tvanlintAuthor Commented:
problem with this is I have no DOS drivers for the CD running on the AVA-1505 SCSI card... so I still can't do that one...

As far as I know, all drivers for SCSI CD-rom drives are equal,
so you will only need drivers for the card itself. Usually there
are some CD drivers included as well. If you don't have them,

What abullshit....

How can you accept that !!! Man, this doesn't fix it. I want to install Linux booted from a 40 MB IDE harddisk, and then connected to a SCSI CD-Rom and 270 MB SCSI HD (and another 270 MB SCSI harddisk, waiting untill the CD-Rom can be disconnected), so copying all this carbage is no use at all !!

I have discovered that we must use the 152x boordisk, but we must specify a variable like this:

linux aha152x=0x340,9 (and some more parameters, like SCSI-ID of the card, and some even more complicated stuff).

Anyway, I am seeking for this answer, but if I find it, I will SELL it for 200 $ (just kiding). But this lame sollution does not describe installing Slackware from the CD-Rom, it's installing from the harddisk.

Anyone who kows it, please call me right now !!! Or at least send a mail to

Thnx ya,


I allready fixed it (together with TTT). This is how it's done (!! assure yourself you have set the SCSI-ID's right).

After your 152x bootdisk image from Slackware is loaded, type                         RAMDISK aha152x=0x340,11,7 <enter>

If you ever switched the port-adress, read out this adress, it could also be 0x140 (set with thr ALT jumper). Anyway, the strange thing is the 11 should be 9, so maybe it also worked (we don't care from here, we have a long way to go !!).

To bad I won't get any points for this great answer, but if it helped install it like me on some lame configuration, then this is the RIGHTIOUS way !!!

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