Boot Manager - How to get rid off?

I just picked up a 486 that has Boot Manager installed so it can run OS, DOS with Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.  Boot Manager divides up the hard disk.  I only want to use Windows 95.  I have been told that Boot Manager is difficult to remove because it is the first thing looked at when the system is booted.  Am going to clean the hard disk but I have been told that will nod delete Boot Manager.

Need some smarts.


Bill Roch
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adamggConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are going to clean up anyway do this-

Make a boot disk with the following files on it-
    and of course the system files.

Once you have backed up everything you want to keep run Fdisk and remove all of the partitions.  Still using fdisk, re-create the partitions however you like.  (Even if you only want a single partition you must still create a "Primary DOS partition").  Exit Fdisk and re-set the comp.  Using the boot disk run format to format each of the partitions you have made (use the /s switch with format on your C:)  That should be it.

Good luck!
Depends on the boot manager.....
ANY boot manager changes MBR. Believe me, I checked many: Win NT,
Win 95, BSL (non-commercial), Linux, System Commander ...

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Ian (Busuka) calm down, you don't have to be so brash. First of all, while Adam is not entirely correct, neither are you. Neither one of you bothered to ask 4444 what type of hard drive or even the type of system. Ian, if the system is early packard bell, IBM or even a non name using an early version of EZDrive, your method won't work. Likewise, if this is a large hard drive in a 486, a boot manager would be required so that the full size of the drive can be used. Remember the early drive limitations guys!

4444, it may be help for you to post as much info as you know about this system so you don't incur a problem!
Yeah, and this Ontrack's Disk Manager ... you right Dennis, just
why people prefer always format and destroy all data ?
It is necessary to launch FDISK /MBR in order to reset the Master boor Sector, or the boot loader will keep alive forever
fdisk /mbr at dos prompt... that will fix your problem
Woof ... woof. Long live one-timers like 4444.
Tough luck hey busuka????
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